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October 2012

Are Buyer Fears of Risk Hurting Your Bottom Line?

By Lacey Plache

Car buyers who view buying a car as uncomfortably risky are more likely to haggle excessively over the price or, worse, fail to commit to a sale.'s Chief Economist explains a few economic principles about what drives consumer behavior that can help dealers build trust with buyers to allay fears and increase sales.

Credit for New Car Buyers Is Back — Or Is It?

By Lacey Plache

Although recent data appears to suggest that credit for new car buyers has recovered, this key source of car sales growth during the recovery to date still has more to give.

Race for Luxury Car Sales Crown Could
Prove Brutal

By Michelle Krebs

This year's race for luxury car sales supremacy could be a bloody year-end slugfest as Europeans look to the U.S. for added sales.

Consumer Vehicle Purchase Intent

By Analysts

Ford is at the top of the heap in this study of consumer purchase intent by make — considered a good predictor of near-term consumer sales. Can you guess which makes round out the top five?

September Car Sales Outpace Forecasts

By Michelle Krebs

September car sales wound up stronger than expected at 1.188 million vehicles sold for a 14.9 million Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate, the highest this year.

2012 Paris Auto Show Coverage

By Staff

When the Paris show opened its doors, the world's automakers had seven months since the Geneva show to prepare a wave of interesting new production cars and never-before-seen concepts.

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