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Bridging The Gap

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Edmunds Dealer Newsletter
May 2012

Turning Service Into Sales

By Aaron Lewis

Edmunds identifies some tips and best practices for dealers to build and maintain connections with their customers, and improve their chances to turn service into sales.

Facility Upgrades and Car Sales:
Does a Fish Need a Bicycle?

By Jeremy Anwyl, Vice Chairman,

More information is available more freely than yesterday's car shoppers could ever have imagined. Consumers still go to dealerships, but less to shop and more to buy.

Quick, What's the Fastest-Selling Car in America?

By Michelle Krebs

Some of the fastest selling cars in America are fuel-sipping hybrids and diesels. Which green cars top the list and why?

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Hybrid Buyers Do the Math and Don't
Come Back

By Michelle Krebs

While hybrids are some of the fastest-selling cars in America, loyalty rates are low, according to a recent study by Polk. Raises 2012 Forecast to
14.4 Million New Vehicles

By Lacey Plache

Strenth seen in Q1 auto sales expected to continue says Chief Economist, Lacey Plache.

Edmunds Adopts New Online Chat Feature to Connect Car Shoppers and Dealers

Press Release

The new chat feature allows consumers to connect immediately with dealers to ask specific questions about inventory, pricing and other important facts.

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