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July 2013 Price Promise Program Delivers Strong Early Results for Car Dealers and Shoppers

Dealers participating in the new Price Promise program, which delivers instant guaranteed prices to car shoppers on, are already enjoying significant increases to their lead and conversion rates. Results show that participating dealers have seen customer contacts increase as much as 100% and their closing rates with shoppers within a 15-mile radius increase by an average of 15%. Learn More

June Car Sales Flirt with 16 Million SAAR

After a concerning April dip followed by an improved May, June snuffed out any doubt that U.S. car and truck sales are in full recovery.

Consumers' Favorites: Best Family Vehicle

The Chevrolet Tahoe took 1st place with a strong 22.2% of the vote. Honda made an impressive showing, taking the No. 2 & 3 spots with its versatile Pilot and spacious Odyssey. Did any of your cars make the list?

New Car Sales: One Size Does Not Fit All

Older buyers will continue to dominate the new car market for a least a few years, while younger buyers slowly but steadily enter the market as the economy and job markets continue to recover.

More Than 80% of Shoppers Research Big Purchases Online First

Empowered by technology, consumers extensively research and compare prices and financing offers before they make any major purchase

A Painless Car Purchase

"Edmunds helped me narrow down my choice as well as the price negotiation process. The result: a painless time at the dealership and zero regrets on my purchase!"
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