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Edmunds Price Promise®: Your Path to Savings

Daniela's Price Promise Story
  • Compare multiple offers
    from our network of dealers

  • Lock in your savings of up
    to thousands off MSRP

  • Bring your printable
    certificate to the dealership

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  • How the Savings Stack Up

    People who buy new cars through Edmunds Price Promise save an average of $3,465 off MSRP.*

    *Average savings Jan-Feb 2015.

  • Over 10,000 Dealer
    Franchises Nationwide

    Price Promise savings come directly from our network of dealers.

How Price Promise Works

  • Find the exact car you want on Edmunds.com

  • Compare Price Promise special offers from our network of dealers and lock in your best deal

  • Get a dedicated dealer contact to help you make your purchase

How it Works: Price Promise

What You Get with Price Promise

  • A certificate that guarantees your savings

  • A specific car available right now

  • A dedicated dealer contact to guide you through your purchase