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January 2014

Attract More Car Shoppers Through Edmunds' Price Promise NOW with Lease Offers

Connecting with in-market car shoppers just got easier! With Edmunds' Price Promise, you can NOW provide upfront and guaranteed lease offers in addition to a special purchase price. Car shoppers are opting to lease vehicles now more than ever, and there's every reason to expect this trend to continue to grow. Attract more of these shoppers right now by showcasing guaranteed upfront lease offers through Price Promise. Watch This Video to Learn More.

Cobalt & Partner to Provide In-Market Shopper Behavior

For the first time, in-market consumer behavior will be analyzed across advertising networks, search engines, research sites, as well as manufacturer & dealer websites.

Top 10 Best-Selling Vehicles for 2013

There are a few things we can learn about American automobile buyers by taking a look at the list of 2013's best-selling vehicles. Check out the list here.

Dealers Predict U.S. Consumers Will Buy 16.4 Million Vehicles in 2014

NADA confirms Edmunds' prediction of a 5.1% sales increase in 2014 (compared to 2013) when U.S. light-vehicle sales reached 15.6 million units, marking the fifth straight year of increases since the global financial crisis.

Innovative Features Lure Consumers Into Showrooms

A new consumer study finds that features related to connectivity, safety, and fuel economy are the most innovative in today?s vehicles.

5 Dealerships That Go the Extra Mile for Customer & Community

Whether it's providing car buyers with unexpected extras or fundraising for a local cause, there's real evidence that going the extra mile makes a difference all around!

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