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December 2013 Auto Industry Trends for 2014

Good things come to those who wait, and everyone waiting for new car sales to once again pass the pre-recession threshold of 16 million will finally be rewarded in 2014.'s forecast of 16.4 million light vehicles expects car buyers to continue to flock to market, taking further advantage of more freely flowing credit to refresh the oldest vehicle fleet in history. Sales also will receive a boost in 2014 from an expected 300,000 additional lease returners, compared to 2013, who will lease or buy a new vehicle when their current leases end. Read the full 2014 Trends Report here.

"A View From The Top" - How Price Promise Is Changing the Game

In part one of the recent CBT News Interview series, Seth Berkowitz President of, provides a "View From the Top" and a look at how Price Promise is changing the game. Watch the interview.

Part 2 of CBT News Series - "A View From the Top" with Seth Berkowitz

In part two of the recent CBT News Interview series, President, Seth Berkowitz, explains how Price Promise works and why consumers appreciate upfront pricing. Watch part 2 of the interview here

National Price Promise Media Campaign Kicks Off

The Edmunds Price Promise National TV campaign will run in over 4,000 spots reaching 74% of adults aged 25 to 54 an average of 9 times. Check out our TV commercial here.

Top 10 Market Share by Manufacturer of 2013

GM, Ford and Toyota led the way in market share in November of 2013, according to Download the full analysis here.

Edmunds & Carfax Partner To Help Build Trust between Dealers and Car Shoppers

In early 2014, dealers who use Carfax can provide buyers with free access to Carfax Reports for their cars listed on

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