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2012 Chevrolet Sonic Video Review

  • This 2012 Chevy Sonic video review talks about price, fuel economy, safety, interior comfort and design, and what it's like to drive. We compare it to other subcompact cars and let you know if it's worth a test-drive.

    You probably haven't even heard of the Chevrolet Sonic. It's Chevy's replacement for the Aveo. That means it's smaller than the Cruze and officially a subcompact...but there's nothing substandard about the Sonic.

    You can get this car as a sedan or a four-door hatchback. Pricing ranges from $14,000 to nearly $20,000 depending on how you equip it.

    Exterior styling is bold for this class. The boldness continues inside, but this is a really livable cabin with solid materials, supportive seats and essentials like Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs.

    Two engines are available on the Chevrolet Sonic. Both of them make 138 horsepower, which is a lot for this class. If you can deal with a manual transmission, the optional 1.4-liter turbocharged engine offers better performance and up to 40 mpg on the highway.

    If you need an automatic, though, the Sonic's base engine will serve you fine. It's less efficient, but its 35 mpg combined EPA rating is still competitive for this class. Since this video was made, the Sonic Turbo has become available with the automatic as well.

    Subcompact cars have a reputation for being penalty boxes, but this car will change your mind about that. The ride is smooth and relatively quiet, and the handling is good to the point you'll find it fun to drive.

    The Chevy Sonic is strong on safety for its class. It comes with a lot of airbags, including knee airbags. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named it a Top Safety Pick after conducting front- and side-impact crash tests.

    One of the few downsides to this car is cargo space. Although the rear seats fold flat, the hatchback has less capacity than competitors like the Honda Fit and Hyundai Accent, so you'll need to assess your priorities before you buy.

    In addition to looking at the Fit and Accent, you should also take a look at the Ford Fiesta and Kia Rio. All of these cars are solid choices, but the Sonic's safety features and pleasant driving experience are tough to beat.

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