2018 Audi RS 5 Pricing

What’s new

  • Represents the second RS 5 generation
  • The Audi RS 5 is fully redesigned for 2018


  • Strong acceleration from turbocharged V6
  • Confident and capable handling
  • Well-finished cabin with excellent infotainment


  • No manual transmission is offered
  • Engine sound is too muted for a performance car
  • Cabin storage is limited

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Features & Specs

quattro 2dr Coupe AWD (2.9L 6cyl Turbo 8A)
Starting MSRP$69,900
Transmission8-speed shiftable automatic
Horsepower444 hp @ 5700 rpm


Our experts’ favorite RS 5 safety features:

Audi Pre Sense City

Detects if a front collision is likely and warns you if you don't react quickly enough. Can also apply the brakes automatically.
Audi Active Lane Assist

Warns if you begin drifting out of your lane without signaling and nudges you back in line if you don't react.
Audi Side Assist

Informs you if vehicles are in your blind spots and audibly warns you if you attempt to change lanes.

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Potent turbocharged six-cylinder engines now define these two performance coupes. Their previous incarnations packed V8s. The M4 and RS 5 are likely the most direct competitors of the bunch, although the M4 will get the nod from enthusiasts since it still offers a manual gearbox and is rear-wheel-drive only.

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The C 63 is the most powerful coupe in this segment, boasting a twin-turbo V8 that pours all of its potency through the rear wheels. Like the RS 5, an automatic transmission is the only one available. The 2018 C 63 has seven forward gears, though the 2019 model changes to a nine-speed automatic. It's fast and it doesn't forget to pamper. Proof? A panoramic sunroof is standard.

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Audi RS 5 vs. Cadillac ATS-V

Delivering the most consistently engaging driving dynamics of the bunch, the Cadillac ATS-V Coupe is something of a dark horse candidate. Its twin-turbo V6 outdoes every other six-cylinder in this segment, yet the ATS-V weighs less than all but the M4. The RS 5, however, has a more attractive cabin and more space for passengers.

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2018 Audi RS 5 video

WILL KAUFMAN: Right now, I'm in Arizona tooling along in an Audi coupe. There are some clues that this isn't a regular A5. For example, there's this perforated leather-wrapped, flat-bottomed steering wheel, the perforated leather on the shift knob. There's carbon fiber trim bits all around the cabin, some alcantara on the door liner, and these aggressively bolstered sports seats. The biggest clue that this is not a standard A5 comes when you put it in Dynamic and do this. [ENGINE REVVING] This is the 2018 Audi RS5. [MUSIC PLAYING] So BMW's M cars and Mercedes-Benz AMG cars are relatively common sights at this point. RS cars are a little bit more mythic. There haven't been as many of them sold in the US. They're the track-tuned hardcore versions with big, powerful engines and big price tags. For this generation of RS5, the V8 of old is gone, replaced by a twin turbo-charged 2.9-liter V6 engine that produces 444 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque. This car does zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds, according to Audi, which makes it faster than both the M4 and the AMG C 63. Audi made a lot of changes to their three-liter V6, the engine that you see in the S5, for this RS5. They switched from a single twin scroll turbo to a twin turbo setup. They reduced the compression ratio so that they could get more boost. This car makes about 21.5 PSI of boost at peak output. And that's double what the base two-liter turbo engine makes. Now, to handle all of those turbos and all of that power, there is a lot of functional cooling in this car. In fact, all of those big grills that you see out front have a purpose. There's a giant radiator behind the front grill. To the left is the intercooler for the turbos, and to the right is the oil cooler. You also get a transmission cooler that's laid parallel to the ground. It sort of acts as a chin spoiler, and increases downforce on the front of the car. This engine is a little quiet. The exhaust node is kind of uninspired, honestly. Under 3,000 RPM, if you're in Dynamic mode, there is some assistance to the sound of the engine. There's a little box attached to the firewall that generates some extra noise by vibrating in a way that imitates the sound of the engine. It sounds pretty natural, and I guess it's a better alternative than using the stereo system to pump in fake noise, but there is some engine drone. This car also runs on special tires. They may look like regular Hankooks, but if you look closely, you'll see a little Audi Original badge on them, which means that they were specifically developed in conjunction with Audi for use in this car. And they give you just a ton of grip. Audi also made some adjustments to their all-wheel drive system for this car. This car defaults to sending 40% of the power to the front wheels and 60% to the rear wheels. Now, the all-wheel drive system is capable of shifting as much as 70% to the front or 85% to the back. And in the back, Audi has put an active differential that looks at the steering input and the level of slip in the wheels and makes decisions about where to send power across the rear axle. And that can send up to 100% of the power it receives to either of the rear wheels. [MUSIC PLAYING] You also get an eight-speed standard gearbox rather than the dual clutch transmission that most people have come to know in Audis. Some people might complain about losing the dual clutch gearbox, but the eight-speed works quite well. It's been pretty thoroughly retuned for this application, so it executes just quick, immediate shifts, if you're using the paddles. It's been tuned by Audi, so it's smart. This particular car is equipped with the optional suspension that has three different drive modes. You get a Comfort mode, a Standard and Dynamic mode. None of these are adaptive settings. It's not sensing road conditions and trying to provide you the best response all the time. It's basically just adjusting the damper stiffness. So right now, in Dynamic mode, it's pretty stiff. You can see me bouncing around. This is a perfectly smooth freeway in any other car. And in Comfort mode in this car, it's sort of delightful. The adaptive suspension is really worth every penny if you're going to be driving this around day-to-day. [MUSIC PLAYING] Steering in this car is worth noting. When you're driving around in Standard mode, it's very light. And it's an adaptive ratio, so the slower you're going, the more responsive it is, the faster you go, the less responsive. So it's easier in parking lots and a little bit easier to maintain a straight line on the freeway. As soon as you put it in Dynamic, it locks the steering ratio. Now, that's important because it means that, no matter what speed you're going, there's always going to be the same response from the steering wheel, which means that, if you're driving on a track or a favorite road, you're not learning how the car changes as you're going at different speeds. You always have the same response. So you get to learn the road. And that's a great thing for a sports car to do. There's obviously not a lot of feel back from the front wheels on this steering, but it is very direct. It's very responsive. Turn-in is just insanely quick, and this car grips around corners like nobody's business. You also get special gauge clusters for Audi's Virtual Cockpit in the RS5. In this case, you get extra readouts, including torque and power readouts. You get a G-meter and a lap timer. The digital tachometer also acts as a shift indicator when you're in Dynamic mode, which means that it changes color when it's time to shift up, going from green, yellow, to red. This car starts at about $70,000. That's almost 30,000 more than the base A5. Obviously, you're getting all of the extra engineering that went into the engine and the transmission and the special cooling system. You also get basically a fully loaded car, Audi's MMI system, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and satellite radio and navigation, and you get Audi's great Virtual Cockpit. We love these systems so much, we gave them an award at CES this year. You also get blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, all sorts of active safety features and driver aids. Obviously, the ceramic brakes are an option. If you opt for those, you also get a higher top speed. The limiter is moved from 155 miles an hour to 174 miles an hour. Good luck with that. You also get a back seat that an adult could sit in without chopping their legs off at the knees and a trunk that you can fit a couple suitcases in. But as good as this car is-- and it is quite good-- it lacks that little extra something. I recently had a chance to drive both an RS3 and a TT RS that uses Audi's just fantastic five-cylinder engine. And that engine makes a wonderful noise. It has a lot of character in the way that it responds on the road. The V6 doesn't have a ton of character. It is a very, very fast engine that makes a lot of power, but it doesn't sound all that special. This just doesn't have the attitude or the spirit that you expect from an RS car. For me, I think I might keep looking. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you liked this video, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and check us out on Facebook and Instagram at edmunds.com. [MUSIC PLAYING]

2018 Audi RS 5 First Drive

Edmunds Associate Staff Writer Will Kaufman travels to Arizona to drive the new 2018 Audi RS 5, the hottest version of Audi's grand touring coupe. Audi's RS cars have a near legendary status among enthusiasts, so we take to the road to find out if this newest version can live up to its legacy. The new RS 5 is certainly made of mind-bending numbers and capabilities, but is it more than the sum of its parts?

2018 Audi RS 5 for Sale

Audi RS 5 2018 quattro 2dr Coupe AWD (2.9L 6cyl Turbo 8A) Glacier White Metallic Black w/Crescendo Red Stitching premium leather/alcantara
New 2018Audi RS 5quattro
Est.Loan: $1,508/mo
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2018 Audi RS 5 2.9T 26/18 Highway/City MPG

Audi RS 5 2018 quattro 2dr Coupe AWD (2.9L 6cyl Turbo 8A) Nardo Gray Black w/Rock Gray Stitching leather/alcantara
New 2018Audi RS 5quattro
Est.Loan: $1,527/mo
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Gray 2018 Audi RS 5 2.9T quattro quattro 8-Speed Automatic with Tiptronic 2.0L V6 Turbocharged DOHC 24V LEV3-ULEV70 444hp 26/18 Highway/City MPG

The 2018 Audi RS 5 is a performance-oriented luxury coupe. It's the highest-performing version yet of the coupe that's also available in A5 and S5 guises. As the range-topping variant, the RS 5 is available in only one trim level, albeit one that is very well-equipped.

There's one powertrain available in the RS 5. A twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 that generates 444 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque drives all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Standard equipment includes 19-inch wheels, a fixed-rate suspension and steel brakes all around. A 7-inch infotainment display with voice controls is standard, as is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration. A rear cross-traffic alert system, rain-sensing wipers, parking alerts and a 10-speaker audio system are also standard.

Opting for the Dynamic package provides for variable dampers that are linked diagonally. This hydraulic system passively reduces body roll without making the ride excessively firm. It's a reasonably priced package that really adds to the RS 5's dynamic repertoire. Stepping up to the Dynamic Plus package adds a lot to the bottom line and, in our opinion, isn't worthwhile. This package replaces the front steel brake rotors with larger carbon-ceramic ones, raises the top speed, and adds a direct tire pressure measurement system. As if it wasn't expensive enough on its own, the Dynamic Plus package also requires the Dynamic package.

Dynamic Steering is a stand-alone option that replaces the standard fixed-ratio steering with a variable ratio system. It's a worthwhile selection, allowing for quick responses at parking lot speeds without requiring you to turn the wheel very far.

Beyond the go-fast hardware are options to make you more comfortable, too. There's a Fine Nappa Leather package, which replaces the simulated suede on seating surfaces with a higher grade of leather, a Bang & Olufsen premium audio system and a navigation system. The latter upgrades the screen to 8.3 inches and adds the Virtual Cockpit extended instrument cluster.

If driver assistance features are what you're after, select the RS Driver Assistance package. It adds adaptive cruise control, a lane keeping system, a head-up display, automatic high beams, a bird's-eye camera system and traffic sign recognition. Note that this package requires the Navigation package.

When you're ready to buy the high-performance coupe of your dreams, whether it's the 2018 Audi RS 5 or any of its competitors, use Edmunds' outstanding shopping tools. You'll be glad you did.

2018 Audi RS 5 Overview

The 2018 Audi RS 5 comes with all wheel drive, . Available transmissions include: 8-speed shiftable automatic, .

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2018 Audi RS 5 quattro 2dr Coupe AWD (2.9L 6cyl Turbo 8A)
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2018 Audi RS 5 Gas Mileage

2018 Audi RS 5 quattro 2dr Coupe AWD (2.9L 6cyl Turbo 8A), 8-speed shiftable automatic, premium unleaded (required)
21 compined MPG,
18 city MPG/26 highway MPG

EPA Est. MPG21
Transmission8-speed shiftable automatic
Drive Trainall wheel drive
Displacement2.9 L
Passenger VolumeN/A
Wheelbase108.9 in.
Length186.0 in.
Height53.5 in.
Curb Weight3990 lbs.