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2012 Audi A8 Video Review

  • This Audi A8 video review has information on its available engines, features and body styles, including the A8 L. We compare it to other full-size luxury sedans and discuss fuel economy, performance, interior space and technology like MMI and WiFi.

    Choosing an elite full-size luxury sedan is no easy task. Every car in this class is fast and luxurious, including the Audi A8. Prestige matters among elite sedans, and the Audi A8 falls flat here. Conservative styling makes it tough to distinguish from lesser Audi models. The leather and wood in this cabin are top grade, though. The front seats offer about 20 different adjustments, and it takes about 2 seconds to get comfortable. The trunk is a little small, but an optional ski pass-through enhances utility.

    In this Audi A8 video review, we really like the audio-navigation system, which features iPod integration, a 20 GB hard drive for your music and a 3G WiFi router. This dial, part of the MMI system, is the main controller, and buttons around it help you get through the menus quickly. A touchpad allows freehand text entry in multiple languages. Although there's still a learning curve, you won't find an easier setup in this class. The T-Mobile WiFi is useful if you're trying to get work done on the road, but signal strength can vary.

    The government doesn't crash test cars in this price range, but there's a long list of safety equipment, including a collision avoidance system that automatically applies the brakes.

    The ride is comfortable, but the Audi A8 doesn't feel as refined and luxurious as competitors like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or Jaguar XJ. Likewise, it's not as sporty as the BMW 7 Series or Porsche Panamera. In this elite crowd, technology is the one area where this car really leaps ahead: other sedans have similar features, but Audi does a better job of integrating them into the cockpit.

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