2011 Audi A8 - Edmunds Ratings

2011 Audi A8 4.2 quattro (4.2L V8 AWD 8-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 9/21/2010
Performance The 372-horsepower V8 is strong enough to pull the full size A8 around, but it's rarely impressive unless in the most aggressive setting, at which point the A8 becomes downright fast.
Driving Dynamics The A8 is a traditional German sedan in that it rides stiffly and thus inspires confidence from back-roads to highways. Brakes are incrediblly strong and the steering is light but precise. ESC is tuned expertly and will correct instead of punish.
Ride Comfort The Audi A8 trades all-out ride comfort for capable handling and ride firmness. Large bumps can be harsh, but the driver is rewarded on smooth roads with a confident driving experience.
Quietness The A8 is not as quiet as some of its competition. Wind noise is low, but engine noise and road noise are an omnipresent reminder that your luxury car is, in fact, driving at freeway speeds.
Ergonomics Audi controls are still quite complex. A button and a knob are required for fan speed control. There is a high level of functionality, but the learning curve is steep. Touch pad is innovative, but ultimately lacks functionality.
Visibility Drivers will find the corners hard to judge and the C-pillar blind spot troubling. Rear visibility is poor, but the electronic parking aids make up for this shortcoming.
Seat Access & Space While the A8 is a large car, seat acess and space are simply average. The center console and wide door armrests shrink the interior volume and push into the driver's zone.
Cargo & Storage The luggage capacity of the A8 is 13.2 cubic feet. That's small for this class and there is very little storage in the interior.
Build Quality Build quality is very good with tight tolerances and very good materials.

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