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Consumers Review the Honda Prelude

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Like It, Love it, Want Some More of It
I've loved the Prelude since the 4th generation model came out in 1992 and then lusted after the 5th Generation model ever since it came out in 1997. I recently (4/27/02) bought a brand new 2001 Milano Red Prelude Type SH. I love everything about this car. The power is great, the handling is telepatic, I love the panoramic view. The wheels & ATTS sold me on the Type SH. Fit and Finish are top notch. The Black interior is simple & handsome, yet functional. After driving the car for 5 minutes, it is as if I've been driving it for 3 years already. The clutch is easy to modulate & the 5 speed shifts are crisp. I look for excuse
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