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Consumers Review the Dodge Neon

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1998 4dr poor man sports car
daniel lipe,07/29/2015
hi I own a 1998 4dr five speed manual dodge neon its absolutely amazing well one its not your typical neon I have your standard 2.0 DOHC 16v but the difference is its got stage 2 fuel injectors and stage two fuel pump and stage 3 racing clutch and I hollowed out the caddy and cut off the muffler and installed a 200$ exhaust tip on it and it truly sounds amazing no not a car fartin in a tin can sound its fast and furious sound quality but one thing I cant figure out is it gets 48 mpg highway and 39 in town but according to the specs its 41 and 32 my neon is so fast it suprizes me ive never lost to a race best example I can think of how fast she is I smoked a 08 mustang gt and 2014 jeep and and suv mercedezes and 2001 turbo charged five speed Toyota celica ive that's just some examples here is a good one this guy has a 90's model hatch batch civic or accord not sure but we raced one day and he didn't win or loose we stayed neck and neck and after the race we pulled over and talked and he asked how much cash I put under the hood he said he has dumped 3gs so far and I said none I bought the car with 112000 on body and 60,000 on motor for 1400 bucks I used to have all the paper work on all the performance parts installed but 12/08/14 my house burnt to the ground lost everything and even two of my dogs but long story short I can do 0-60 on a good 4.8 secs flat but average is 5.3 to 5.0 secs fastest ive had the car is 135 rev limiter is set at 7500 I cant do 90 in third gear with tac at 6500 rpms yup super high geared oh and one more thing I have a aftermarket racing spoiler on it 700$ bought off a friend for 100$
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