Used 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost for Sale in Pompano Beach, FL



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Used 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost for Sale in Pompano Beach, FL

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 Location: Pompano Beach, FL
2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost Base in Pompano Beach, FL
53 photos

List: $159,995 save

Its hard to write a description for a Rolls Royce because there is not much you can say that has not already been said. The car is Fawkin awesome! Really the only thing more awesome then this exact car is a brand new version of this exact car but one that I have driven for a very slight amount of time because in doing so I would make it celebrity driven which in-turn would bring the value up. Now this is not my car, this is my good friends car but I have driven it more then enough to be able to tell you that its perfect. I can safely say some of the worlds top models and bottle servers have been in this! If the chick has over 1,000,000 followers you better believe she has been in this whip. If you bought a bunch of ace and pj from a chick in vegas or miami, shes been in this whip! If you bought one bottle of goose from a girl she has not been in this whip thats a 100% Fact. This car is black on black with the stainless steal roof and does not have a single blemish on the paint. Car drives amazing and looks even better then one of those aforementioned models with the best instagram filter possible! It has 24 Giovanna wheels so you can ride in style with whatever bad b*tch you choose for the night. Copy and paste from my other ad because I am lazy I was in the car business for seven years before I got smart and figured out a profession that did not make me want to kill myself. I can help you get financed. I have friends that will finance people with ZERO CREDIT and BAD CREDIT but you have to put half down and pay interest out the ass. There are no exceptions to that rule HALF DOWN BIG INTEREST. If you are okay with both I can point you in the direction of the guy who will finance you. If you have good credit I can point you in a direction of someone who can help you get into the car at a good rate. Do you have a trade for me? Sure I will take it but you wont be happy with the number I will give you for it. Do you want to trade me land? Sell it yourself and give me cash because in the seven years I have been in the car business and hundreds of land deals I have been offered none of them made sense for the sole reason of IF YOU CANT SELL IT HOW THE HELL CAN I SELL IT? Do you want to trade me your boat? Burn it down and then send me your insurance check, thats the only way ill take it in trade. Lastly No Animals even if they are cool like a Cheetah or a Lion. I have two horses, a chihuahua and a french bulldog. I would sell all of them except the chihuahua but my fiance would leave me for sure. Last but not least SHIPPING. I can help you ship this car ANYWHERE in the world. I got rid of was monster truck and it went to Mongolia. Ive shipped a maybach to italy, an SLR to germany, and several cars to mexico. I am happy to help anyone get this car to their destination unless its in CANADA. If you are in Canada or your even in the US and happen to be of Canadian decent please refer back to me asking not to waste my time. As I said before I was in the car business for seven years. In those seven years every deal I have ever done with a Canadian has been a Nightmare. You know you guys are impossible so find another car this one is not for you. I hope Drake does not read this because I honestly dont want my career to be ruined like he did Meek Mill. Im hoping the fact im jewish and we are both members of the same tribe (Jewish Guys who are not gangster but sometimes front like they do Gangster shit) outweighs my animosity toward Canadians So to summarize..Models, Bottles, Rolls Royce. Pay me!

 Location: Pompano Beach, FL
2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost Base in Pompano Beach, FL
30 photos

List: $139,900 save

* Only 5,349 miles * rolls royce ghost! Just serviced! Driver s assistance pkg! Head-up display! Panorama glass roof! Lambswool rugs! Active cruise with stop & go! Night vision! Side camera! Comfort access! Carfax certified! Finished in English White with Cr me leather interior and Walnut wood veneers. Leather trimmed multi-function steering wheel. Panorama glass roof with sunshade. Factory Options * Driver s assistance package includes high-beam assist, head-up display, lane departure warning system, active cruise control with stop and go. * Panorama glass roof. * Lambswools rugs. * Picnic trays for rear passengers. * Side, rear and top view camera system. All the standard luxury features including navigation system with full map and voice, HID headlamps, tire pressure monitoring system, audio system with USB adapter interface and auxiliary input. Illuminated door handles, automatic 4-zone climate control and cruise control. All Books. All Original. Recently serviced with documented service history with RR of Palm Beach. Caxfax Certified. Stunning!

used 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost
27,253 mi
 Location: Pompano Beach, FL
2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost Base in Pompano Beach, FL
78 photos


2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost
Stock# 200467467
27,253 miles

List: $124,900 save

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