Some Unexpected Features Here...and Not - 2009 Suzuki SX4 Long-Term Road Test

2009 Suzuki SX4: Some Unexpected Features Here...and Not

August 14, 2009

SX4 Stereo.jpg

I realized just how much I hate regular radio last night. While facing a 45-minute, 11-mile drive to pick up my girlfriend, I was channel surfing FM. But my efforts to avoid obnoxious commercials and equally obnoxious DJs to actually find some music were mostly fruitless.

When I noticed the SX4's satellite radio button, I was psyched! But when I pushed dice. Seems we don't have a subscription in force. "No biggie, I'll just plug in my iPod" I thought. But nope, as Brent pointed out, there's no auxiliary jack, let alone an iPod hookup unless you get it at the dealer. This is rather strange, considering the SX4''s other unexpected upscale and modern features (such as those handy steering wheel-mounted audio controls and the removable nav system). Sadly, without a CD at hand (remember those?) I was at the mercy of FM.

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