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    2016 Scion iA - great looking & riding sub compact

    Patrick, 06/11/2016
    2016 Scion iA 4dr Sedan (1.5L 4cyl 6A)
    First off, be aware that Scion is no longer being made as of about April 2016 and that Toyota is absorbing the brand into the Toyota name so this is the last of the Scion's. Fortunately the 2017 Toyota Yaris iA is the rebadged Scion iA so sourcing parts in the future shouldn't be an issue. That said, the leg room for the driver was comfortable, driver foot pretty much straight rather … than cocked over to the left and legs can comfortably lean against flat areas. The automatic has a manual mode and "sport" mode for quicker acceleration. It feels a bit laggy when accelerating but given it only has a 1.5cc engine it's to be expected and sport mode helps give it more zip. Great cargo space though rear seat space is very tight which is fine for me as I wasn't anticipating having passengers often. I like all the electronics it has. Features: Remote entry with push button engine start / stop, 7" screen with backup camera, optional GPS system (add $399 to price though negotiated it down to $199), bluetooth connection to phone that shows text messages on screen, voice commands, electic locks / windows / mirrors. Dash shows temperature, miles till empty, average mpg. Sounds system pretty decent with knob select and volume control on both steering wheel and between seats. Also has 2 USB connectors & accessory plug (cigarette lighter). I keep a Samsung wireless fast charger in there that is velcro'd down so phone just sits on it to charge. Pros: I like both the interior & exterior styling, gas milage (up to 42mph on highway), bluetooth / phone / 7" display / backup camera and handling. Price seemed very competitive, got mine new for $15888 which included navigation chip and title / licensing. Because no more Scion's are being made, should expect aggressive pricing to clear out 2016 inventory. Cons: One reviewer said tires custom to Toyota dealer though haven't confirmed that. The dash lights are not quite as bright for daylight driving as I'd like so have a hard time seeing information displayed (even after adjusting to full brightness) though at night time is great. Rear deck lid I've found open multiple times due to button in pocket being pressed on inadvertently for 2 seconds or more though there may be a way of adjusting that (update: there was an option to make delay longer so no longer an issue). Rear seat head rests at funky angle and not very comfortable according to my one passenger. Other: No armrests though I don't like them anyways so not a con for me. The 7" display is permanently stuck up, probably for backup purposes and can be disabled at night if you don't want a glare.
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