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Consumer Reviews for the Ford E-Transit Cargo Van

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4 out of 5 stars

Never pay for gas again!

Leadfoot, 07/04/2022
2022 Ford E-Transit Cargo Van 350 Medium Roof 3dr Van w/148" WB (electric DD)
I bought this on the recommendation of a fellow contractor. So far I have put about 100 miles on the vehicle. Speed and acceleration are good. Without a load. I plan to haul 1000 to 1500lbs of hardwood flooring equipment, we shall see how the battery deals with that. The vehicle loses a lot of momentum when you take your foot off the accelator as it captures energy with the … transmission. It's pretty fun to go down a big hill and see your battery go up though! Ford pass software didnt work. Called Ford tech support and they helped me authenticate the vehicle. Android auto worked sporadically before I got the fordpass software to work and only if you turn off your phones wifi connection to the vehicle. After authenticating the Ford software I had some trouble getting Android auto to pair with the vehicle. Seats are comfy, vehicle is pretty loud without a bulkhead/partition. I will be adding that shortly. The salesman refused to tell me how long it takes to charge on 110v. The answer is 98 HOURS. Realistically you must charge on a 220 plug. I charged from 60% to 95% in about four hours. The mobile 220 charger that comes with the vehicle is capable of charging an empty battery in about 12 hours. Read the manual on battery charging! It's recommended to not charge to 100% and to schedule a couple hour charge delay after getting home so that the battery can cool prior to charging. I anticipate significant tax savings based on the section 179 depreciation deduction. My contractor friend estimates the electricity to operate the vehicle costs about $100 per month! As of 2nd quarter 2022 it appears there is also a $7500 federal tax credit. It will phase out so check with your accountant.
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TrimMPGEngineStarting Price
2022 Ford E-Transit Cargo Van 350 Medium Roof 3dr Van w/148" WB (electric DD)N/AN/A$61,630

More about the Ford E-Transit Cargo Van

Edmunds has 22 New Ford E-Transit Cargo Vans for sale near you, including a 2022 E-Transit Cargo Van 350 Medium Roof Full Size Van and a 2022 E-Transit Cargo Van 350 Medium Roof Full Size Van ranging in price from $61,630 to $61,630.

How much is a new 2022 Ford E-Transit Cargo Van in Allendale, MI?

A new 2022 Ford E-Transit Cargo Van starts at $61,630 (including destination charge) in Allendale, MI. Prices will go up based on the trim level you choose and any options you add. Keep in mind that prices can also vary from one state to another and even from one dealership to the next.

How much does a 2022 Ford E-Transit Cargo Van cost in Allendale, MI?

A new 2022 Ford E-Transit Cargo Van starts at $61,630 in Allendale, MI. Prices will vary depending on what trim level you choose. Each state may have different pricing, so make sure you enter your correct ZIP code on Edmunds.
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