2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris Minivan

2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris
2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris


  • Cargo area is larger than those of small-van competitors
  • Payload and towing ratings are at the top of small-van class
  • More maneuverable than full-size vans


  • More expensive than the budget-friendly competition
  • Premium fuel is required

Which Metris does Edmunds recommend?

Each 2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris variant has its own advantages. Business owners looking for a basic van will likely be just fine with the Worker Cargo. Price-competitive and painted exclusively in white, it's ready for your business's graphics right out of the box. If you want to use the Metris as a people-hauler, go for the standard Passenger model. It offers a greater degree of customization to impress your riders. Consider getting a package with the optional synthetic leather to drive that point home. Whatever model you choose, make sure to get a Metris with the rearview camera.

Edmunds' Expert Review

Overall rating

3.5 / 5

Small vans are ideal for contractors and shuttle fleets that have substantial cargo or transportation requirements but don't need large, expensive full-size vans.  They are far easier to navigate crowded city centers than their larger counterparts, and their modest capabilities allow for more fuel-efficient engines. But for some uses, they just aren't big enough. Enter the 2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris. It splits the size difference between small and full-size vans, becoming the only midsize cargo and passenger van on the market.

Despite the premium nameplate, the Metris doesn't cost much more than its smaller competitors. You pay a little more than rivals for the larger cargo area, as well as the option for three-row passenger seating (not all vans in this segment offer additional seating behind the front row). With 208 horsepower on tap, the Metris is also considerably more powerful than the others yet returns similar fuel economy. Prospective buyers shouldn't be discouraged by the fancy badge and slightly higher price.

Trim levels & features

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris can be outfitted for work duty (with a completely open space behind the front bucket seats) or seven- or eight-seat passenger hauling. It's available in four versions. The Metris Cargo is the one with an expansive cargo area, while the Passenger fills that space with two rows of seating. There are also Worker Cargo and Worker Passenger versions that cost less than their non-Worker counterparts in exchange for a shorter list of available features.

Powering the Metris is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine (208 horsepower, 258 pound-feet of torque) that drives the rear wheels through a seven-speed automatic transmission. Standard features include 17-inch steel wheels, automatic headlights, remote locking and unlocking, air-conditioning, wheel-mounted shift paddles, Bluetooth and a five-speaker audio system with a USB port.

Some additional standard features depend on which Metris you buy. A 5.8-inch color screen is included on standard models and optional on Worker models (which otherwise come with a simple monochrome display). Passenger and Worker Passenger models also get a rearview mirror, rear air-conditioning and a nine-speaker audio system. All Metris vans have sliding rear doors. Further back, you'll find 270-degree swing-out rear cargo doors standard on the Metris Cargo while all others get 180-degree rear cargo doors.

The list of available option packages for the Worker Cargo is relatively short. You can get the Convenience package (automatic wipers, heated mirrors, a rearview camera, cruise control, the color display and LED cargo area lighting) and the Utility package (Convenience package plus roof rails, a rearview mirror, a leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel, a driver information display, a heated rear window, blind-spot monitoring, rails on the cargo floor and sides and tie-downs).

On the Worker Passenger, there's also the Appearance package (Convenience plus alloy wheels, body-colored bumpers, roof rails, a rear liftgate instead of the swing-out cargo doors, a heated rear window and simulated leather upholstery) and the Comfort package (all contents of the Utility and Appearance packages plus power-sliding rear doors).

Options are broken apart into more cost-effective packages in the Cargo and Passenger models, allowing buyers to mix and match the features they want. Notable combinations include the Cold Weather package (heated front seats, a heated windshield washer system and an upgraded heater); the Premium Safety package (Utility plus lane departure warning, forward collision warning and automated parallel parking); and the Driver Comfort package (a comfort-tuned suspension and upgraded seats with lumbar support).

Many of the options listed above are offered as stand-alone choices, as are a trailer hitch, rear privacy glass, chrome interior trim and a backup alarm. Mercedes' MasterUpfitter program allows buyers to further customize Metris Cargo vans to their business needs.


The Metris is easily the top performer in its class, with a strong engine, a smooth-shifting transmission and impressive brakes. It handles well, too.


The turbocharged 2.0-liter engine generates 208 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. It is energetic compared to what you'll find in other small cargo vans. Our test Metris zipped from 0 to 60 mph in a quick 7.9 seconds. The seven-speed automatic offers Comfort, Eco and Manual shift modes.


During everyday driving, the Metris' brake pedal is progressive and easy to modulate. In our panic-braking test, the 4,200-pound Metris stopped from 60 mph in 119 feet, the best stopping distance in the segment.


The precise steering imbues this van with some nice qualities. It feels nimble around town and stable on the highway. We just wish the hard and seemingly unfinished plastic of the steering wheel was more pleasant to grip.


We don't set our handling expectations very high for cargo vans like the Metris. However, the Metris is far from sloppy and even somewhat fun to wheel around, which makes city driving much less of a chore.


The engine is responsive, and the transmission downshifts quickly to help slow the van smoothly to a stop. The optional auto stop-start operates smoothly in the background. Crosswinds are noticeable despite the load-adaptive stability control with Crosswind Assist.


Road and tire noise is pervasive on the freeway. Around town it's more forgivable. Comfort is otherwise commendable. The manually adjustable seats are comfortable enough for longer stints, the ride is agreeable, and climate controls easy to operate.

Seat comfort

Considering the simplicity of the driver's seat, it is surprisingly comfortable, even after three hours in the saddle. There's a decent amount of lateral support for a cargo van. The basic manual seat adjustments, however, don't offer much personalization.

Ride comfort

The Metris is a fairly comfortable cruiser and handles road imperfections, both large and small, without complaint. We noticed little difference in ride quality between driving the van empty and filled with several hundred pounds of equipment.

Noise & vibration

As might be expected, the empty cargo area booms and rattles with road and tire noise. Thin walls and a thin floor are to blame. In the wind it wooshes like a washing machine filling with water. Fill the space with gear and the drone diminishes considerably but not completely.

Climate control

Our car was equipped with an optional automatic air-conditioning feature. Set the dial to a given temperature and lock the car. At unlock, the A/C cools the cabin in anticipation of your arrival without using the engine. Climate controls themselves are simple: one dial for fan speed, one for temp.


Most people will find it easy to climb into and out of this van. But there are seating position limitations once behind the wheel. Headroom and elbow room are ample. As can be expected from the Cargo model, the lack of windows reduces outward visibility, even with the available rearview camera.

Ease of use

The Metris uses switches we've seen in past Mercedes products, so most controls are straightforward and easy to use. Dials simplify functions where possible, though it could be argued that there are too many buttons alongside the navigation screen. All controls are easy to reach.

Getting in/getting out

The step-in height for this van is just 18.5 inches, which means that is as high as you have to lift a foot to get in. That puts the seat bottom at just the right height to slide in and out easily. Flat seat cushions aid this even more.

Driving position

The seat-to-steering wheel position will be awkward for some drivers, and the manual seat adjustments don't afford a ton of adjustment. The steering wheel tilts, but without the benefit of a telescopic adjustment, there is little opportunity to adjust the seat to your exact liking.


Two front seats are the only obstacles to a completely open interior, so roominess is not a problem. Plenty of headroom and elbow room up front. If there is anything we'd like more of, it's legroom. A somewhat long dashboard and tall windshield add a sense of spaciousness for front passengers.


The Metris Cargo is a panel van, which means no windows and poor visibility. A rearview camera is optional but it's aimed too low, providing a visible range from the bumper to a few feet behind it. The front pillars are wide and create blind spots, an issue especially evident when turning.


Our Metris test van appeared well-built inside and out. There were no squeaks or rattles aside from those inherent, and acceptable, in a vehicle built without soundproofing in mind. Frequently touched surfaces were of smooth material except for the rough-finished steering wheel.


Many features are available at additional cost to customize the cargo area, though small-item storage is limited. The same can be said for other cargo-specific vans. Overall, it's a very capable van for hauling and getting work done. In the area of utility, the Metris is as capable as its peers.

Small-item storage

Small-item storage is limited for front passengers. There are two in-dash bins, two cupholders and clipboard-sized cutouts on top of the dashboard.

Cargo space

Like its competitors, the Metris offers cargo area features such as variable cargo tie-down positions, partitions, LED lighting and sliding cargo doors. Its 186 cubic feet of cargo volume is average. You can get a rear liftgate or swing-out rear cargo doors that open outward 270 degrees.


The Metris Cargo has a 5,000-pound towing capacity. There isn't another van in this segment that comes close. It is also prewired for trailer use and has a 3.46 axle ratio. A trailer hitch is sold as optional equipment.


The Metris Cargo has a 2,502-pound payload capacity while its peers have an 1,800-pound capacity or less. It also has a best-in-class gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 6,724 pounds.


There is just enough technology in the Metris to get by. Nothing here is cutting-edge. But for a workhorse cargo van, the Metris has just about everything you'll need.

Audio & navigation

The Metris Cargo covers the basics: a 5.8-inch navigation screen, AM/FM radio, a USB port and auxiliary jack. The navigation functionality is of entry-level quality but feels sufficient in this application. The same can be said of the five-speaker audio system up front.

Smartphone integration

Bluetooth is standard in the Metris. Phone pairing is fairly logical, and it is easy enough to use the hands-free feature without too much distraction from the road.

Voice control

Our test vehicle did not have voice controls. Navigation voice controls are an option through the Multi-Function Wheel package, but they do not work for phone controls. Phone-based features such as Siri can be used as a work-around.

Top consumer reviews

Read what other owners think about the 2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris.

Road trip review
Van is borrowed from my mother, who put just under 3,000 miles on it in about 6 months. Taking a trip with the family for 3 weeks, starting in Jacksonville, FL, going through DC, Hershey, Columbus and Dayton, Ohio, Dearborn, Michigan and back through NC before returning home; about , 2,000 miles roundtrip. First leg from Jax to DC, about 750 miles non-stop. After 4 hours needed to get a seat cushion for extra support. Being based on a cargo van none of the seats are very comfortable, even with the optional "drivers comfort" package; rear seats are atrocious (zero adjustability; about as utilitarian as church pews). However, both kids got their own seats for a change, so little complaining. Otherwise, dated infotainment worked for my needs, and navigation got us where we needed. Powertrain is excellent; much more useable power then expected. Engine and transmission work especially well together to get and keep van moving. Seem-less shifting if left alone; however, use the paddles to downshift and the trans gets confused for a second, not sure if it needs to be in higher or lower gear. Once sorted acceleration is great; cruise control is very responsive. We hit the usual DC area rush hour traffic and the van made it much easier to navigate, much less stress. MPG is impressive, getting about 25 overall on 87 octane, and have been running it the entire trip without issue. Anyone considering one of these keep the commercial roots in mind; any of the minivans or 3 row crossovers would be much better suited for comfort; however, for an overall package, you can't beat the overall utility. Finally, I got stuck in a dead end street, about 2 lanes wide. Not wanting to back up into a busy street I turned that van completely around without backing up; the turn circle is so tight you need to be mindful of curves. Backup camera could be better (limited field of vision, not very wide or deep behind) but the lines are helpful, and kept us from damage. For a commercial van it's quiet and comfortable; very smooth ride even on rough Maryland roads. I also like the ability to sweep out the floor and wipe off the optional MBtex vinyl seats.
ordered optional seats and they are very comfortable,fuel economy at 75 was 25.5 mpg,...cruises at 75 easily...7 speed trans. is a pleasure to drive.,u will not believe the power of the 4cy, perfect except four :needs to be 6" higher,would still fit in a garage and would help walking around...road noise in cargo van...will insulate....,needs to burn regular fuel instead of recomened 91 oct......50 to .70cents more per gal equals $9 to $12 more per fillup..,better milage,some 6cyl vans get 28 mpg
9 Metris vans and nothing but problems
We have dedicated a purchase order for 9 Metris vans so far, nothing but problems with them. All vans at 15k or less in miles. Transmission shifter failure, electronic issues, climate control venting and display issue, multi check engine lights, tires and alignment issues, incorrect maintenance alerts on display. Don't be fooled for the 15k mile service interval either, its not exactly true. We are also in a major metroplex and each MB dealer is terrible to deal with that we have tried so far. Only one good dealership so far out of state but under the warranty and part limitations. Would love to just park all of them at the dealer and walk away rather then continue to cringe for what is next to happen.
Nice vehicle
Joe Bush,01/20/2018
I like it but the seats are not that comfortable for any long distance travel.
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Features & Specs

21 city / 24 hwy
Seats 2
7-speed shiftable automatic
208 hp @ 5500 rpm
21 city / 24 hwy
Seats 2
7-speed shiftable automatic
208 hp @ 5500 rpm
20 city / 23 hwy
Seats 7
7-speed shiftable automatic
208 hp @ 5500 rpm
20 city / 23 hwy
Seats 7
7-speed shiftable automatic
208 hp @ 5500 rpm
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Our experts’ favorite Metris safety features:

Hill Start Assist
Prevents the Metris from rolling backward on a hill from a stop when the driver releases the brake and presses the accelerator.
Blind-Spot Assist
Displays a visual warning if a vehicle is in your blind spot. Sounds an alert if you move into a space occupied by another vehicle.
Collision Prevention Assist
Sounds an alert if the Metris is approaching the vehicle in front too quickly.

2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris Minivan for Sale

Mercedes-Benz Metris 2017 Passenger 4dr Minivan (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 7A)
12,574 miles
Used 2017
Mercedes-Benz Metris
Est.Loan: $601/mo
Fair Deal!Fair Deal!
$300 Below Market
View Details
Dealer Notes
This vehicle was hand selected from Mercedes Benz financial. This 2017 Metris is built to move 8 people very comfortably.   The $45,870 original MSRP puts this Metris in a league of its own!   *$11,975 Optional equipment*   *Mercedes-benz corporate vehicle. (Never been titled before)*   *No accidents*   *Factory warranty remaining till 6-4-2022 or 50,000 miles*   *4 Keys*   *Professionally detailed*   *All vehicles have been inspected to assure maximum satisfaction*   *Rare “Premium Safety Package” *   *SALE PRICE*   *Free shipping to 35 states*   We understand how busy life can be so we offer FACTIME & SKYPE viewings of any of our vehicles at your convenience.   Call 301-495-3400 to schedule DRIVER COMFORT PACKAGE:  $720                                      Comfort Passenger Seat, lumbar support, Comfort Driver Seat, lumbar support, Driver Seat Lumbar Support, Passenger Seat Lumbar Support, 2 Additional Master Keys, Passenger Seat Backrest Storage Net, Driver Seat Backrest Storage Net, Comfort Suspension              DRIVER EFFICIENCY PACKAGE:  $1,750 Buffer Battery For Start/Stop, Rear View Camera, Fog Lamps, Becker Map Pilot Navigation System, Lower Console Storage Tray, Cruise Control, ECO Start/Stop PREMIUM SAFETY PACKAGE W/ PARKTRONIC PACKAGE:  $2,340 Lane Keeping Assist, Illuminated Front Exits, Blind Spot Monitoring, First-Aid Kit, Collision Prevention Assist, Heated & Electrically Adjustable Exterior Mirrors, Leather Rim Steering Wheel w/Chrome Trim, Parktronic w/Active Parking Assist, Multifunction Steering Wheel w/Trip Computer, 4.2'' Pixel Matrix Display, chrome dials, Rain Sensor PREMIUM EXTERIOR PACKAGE:  $1,175 Bumpers Painted In Vehicle Color, Wheels: 20-Spoke 7J x 17'' Light Alloy, Roof Rails-Black COLD WEATHER PACKAGE:  $755 Heated Front Passenger Seat, Heated Driver Seat, Heated Windshield Washer System, Electric Booster For Heating ENHANCED AC PACKAGE:  $1,030 Automatic Climate Control, Air Conditioning Enhanced Power PREMIUM INTERIOR PACKAGE:  $650 Interior Chrome Accents, door handles, surrounding trim and outboard air vents, Front Footwell Lighting, Rear Carpeting, Front Carpeting, Illuminated Vanity Mirrors, Premium Overhead Control Panel, Rear Grab Handle Reading Lights TAILGATE SURROUNDING LIGHTING  $760 POWER SLIDING DOOR RIGHT SIDE  $760 POWER SLIDING DOOR LEFT SIDE:  $760 ADDITIONAL SEAT, 2ND ROW, FOLDING CURBSIDE:  $380 $45,870 ORIGINAL MSRP
Mercedes-Benz Metris 2017 Passenger 4dr Minivan (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 7A)
32,409 miles
Used 2017
Mercedes-Benz Metris
47.6 mi away
Est.Loan: $473/mo
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More about the 2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris is a midsize cargo van that is larger than other small cargo vans while offering similar city-friendly maneuverability. It can also be ordered as a passenger van if you'd rather use it for shuttling duties, an option that few of its rivals offer. As with most Mercedes vehicles, additional extras for the standard Passenger and Cargo models are spread throughout multiple options packages, as well as stand-alone upgrades. Worker versions of these two models are structured differently, with options bundled into a smaller number of packages.

The Metris is offered in two-seat Cargo and seven- or eight-seat Passenger models. Each is available in standard or Worker trim levels. All four combinations share the same basic features and robust turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which is considerably more powerful than those in competing vans. Standard features are lacking compared to what you'll find in other Mercedes vehicles but are right in line by segment standards. These include automatic headlights, remote locking and unlocking, air-conditioning and Bluetooth.

Many more features are available and are grouped into different packages, depending on which configuration you start out with. Generally, Worker models have a lower base price and fewer choices than the standard models. Only a few exterior colors are available, and features are grouped into two to three pricey packages. Standard Passenger and Cargo models carry a higher sticker but offer a greater degree of customization, and additional features are grouped into a larger number of reasonably priced packages.

Although many extras are available for all Metris models, there are a few unique options for Passenger and Cargo models. Cargo versions can be ordered with 270-degree swing-out cargo doors (doors are flush with the body when fully open), cargo rails with anchors, a refrigeration prep package, and storage solutions via the MasterUpfitter program. Passenger models are eligible for power-sliding rear doors, automatic climate control and seating for seven or eight.

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris is slightly more expensive than competitors in Worker form, while standard models are dearer still. But the Metris is also larger than its contemporaries, the engine is more powerful, and its payload and towing capabilities are greater. Materials and build quality also feel superior to what you'll find in rivals. If you believe the Metris' benefits are worth the extra cost, use Edmunds' peerless shopping tools to find your perfect cargo or passenger van.

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