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2015 Lincoln MKZ Review

  • This Lincoln MKZ video review includes the EcoBoost, V6 and Hybrid models, and discusses their fuel economy, price, comfort, interior quality and available features like MyLincoln Touch and all-wheel drive. For more information, read the 2015 Lincoln MKZ review.

    The Lincoln brand historically was known for elegance, style and a serene driving environment, and if that's your idea of a luxury car, the Lincoln MKZ should be appealing. In terms of elegance and style, those should be evident just by looking at the MKZ or sitting in its cabin. As for that serene driving environment, the cabin does an excellent job of keeping out wind and road noise. The ride is also superb thanks to the standard adaptive suspension dampers, which are very rare in the entry-level luxury segment.

    That trick suspension also helps the MKZ handle far better than you'd ever expect. There's a sense of vehicle control present that is most definitely not something that Lincoln was historically known for. At the same time, the steering has an elastic band feel to it that fights against you when turning and is overly eager to whip back to center.

    There are three engines available. The turbocharged EcoBoost engine is responsive and fuel-efficient, but the MKZ's weight makes it a bit slow for the segment. The same thing applies to the optional 300-hp V6, which isn't that much quicker than the EcoBoost and is less efficient. Both can be had with front- or all-wheel drive.

    The MKZ does stand apart from most rivals with its 2.0h hybrid model that returns an EPA-estimated 40 mpg combined. Plus, it stands apart from other hybrids by costing the same as the base gas model.

    Regardless of engine, the MKZ comes absolutely loaded with standard equipment that is often optional, including a rearview camera, keyless start, heated seats and adaptive LED headlights. Even when you sample from the options list, the MKZ costs less than many similarly equipped rivals — especially those from Europe.

    Unfortunately, the MKZ's cabin is a letdown. It looks sensational, but the materials quality is subpar, the front seatbacks are hard and lumpy, the backseat isn't as big as the exterior proportions would suggest, and the controls are a bit of a mess. The MyLincoln Touch interface is usable, but it washes out constantly in the sun, while the "touch-operated buttons" are distracting to use.

    Indeed, the Lincoln MKZ is a car of highs and lows. It offers style, value and strong crash scores, but it can frustrate, and generally feels like it's just not quite there yet. You might end up falling for its modern take on classic luxury, but then you may also find competitors like the Acura TLX, Hyundai Genesis and Lexus ES to be more appealing.

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