Easy Service at 7,500 Miles - 2015 Kia Sedona SX-L Long-Term Road Test

2015 Kia Sedona: Easy Service at 7,500 Miles

by Mike Schmidt, Vehicle Testing Manager on December 30, 2015

2015 Kia Sedona

Our 2015 Kia Sedona requested maintenance shortly after passing the 7,500-mile mark, so we scheduled an appointment online for a Monday morning at Car Pros Kia in Huntington Beach. Our slot was for 8:00 a.m. and I arrived about 15 minutes early. A service advisor came out right away to greet me. This visit wouldn't be without attempted upsells, but not enough to ruin the experience.

It went something like this:

Service Advisor: "What can we help you with today?"

Me: "I'd like the 7,500-mile service."

SA: (pulls out laminated pricing sheet) "Which of these packages would you like?"

Me: "I'd like the 7,500-mile manufacturer recommended service only. That should just be an oil change and tire rotation. Right?"

SA: "Yes, that is the minimum."

Me: "Then I'd like that, please."

SA: "Okay. If that's what you want, we have a special that might be right for you (points to a poster on the wall behind him). That one has the oil change and tire rotation and also includes a fuel treatment."

Me: "No thanks. Just the items listed in the owner's manual."

SA: "No problem. We can do that."

He finished processing my paperwork and gave me a quick tour: Customer waiting area here, vending machines and coffee there, restrooms over there.

One hour after arrival, the Sedona was ready to go. This was a positive visit overall. Car Pros offered a welcoming customer area with easy Internet access, and the available snacks were a nice touch. I'm never a fan of the upsells, but the advisor was casual enough about them and asked in a manner that wasn't annoying.

I would try this dealership again in the future.

Total Cost: $62.62

Total Days out of Service: None

Mike Schmidt, Vehicle Testing Manager @ 8,138 miles


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