2012 INFINITI G Sedan - Edmunds Ratings

2012 INFINITI G Sedan G25 Journey (2.5L V6 7-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 1/19/2011 (2011 G25 Journey)
Performance In a straight line, the 2.5-liter V6 produces acceleration that is about average. 7-speed automatic transmission does a fine job of providing the right ratio for any occasion. The engine's got a good spread of torque but for real power, go G37.
Driving Dynamics A nice balance of capability and comfort. Body roll is well-contained. Steering is well-weighted and the car, though not a sport sedan, is an engaging partner. Brakes are quite capable, too.
Ride Comfort Again the G25 has a well-sorted suspension and reasonably stiff chassis. Both of these things provide a compliant ride and good reflexes.
Quietness Road noise has been acceptably ironed out. Occasional wind noise is present but not intrusive. The small engine is quite smooth but still isn't the spine-tingling, small-cube, Italian 1960s V6 that's been haunting you since your youth.
Ergonomics Clean implementation of secondary controls. Knobs for temperature control and radio commands are a welcome touch. Rocker buttons on steering wheel are nicely prominent. Shifter orientation for up- and downshifts is backward.
Visibility Good view forward and to the sides. Beltline provides good sightlines in the backseat, too. Backup camera is a nice touch.
Seat Access & Space Comfort is good, support could be better. Ingress is good. A longer (or better yet, adjustable) thigh bolster would be a welcome touch. Good for long drives but not great for enthusiastic driving.
Cargo & Storage Large trunk and wide opening despite scissor-type hinges that usually force a narrow aperture. Door pockets and console hold a good amount of stuff.
Build Quality Fit and finish appears to be done to a high standard. Carpet looks a bit cheap but gets a pass on the lower-priced G25 model. Great feel to the steering wheel leather.

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