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September 2013

Sneak Peek at Site Refresh

Next month, shopping inventory will become even more central to the experience! We've listened to our consumers, and found the #1 unmet need of car buyers is upfront pricing on a real car. To better meet this need, we've given our website a refresh and our Price Promise product is prominently featured. Inventory is now no more than 3 clicks away from wherever you are on the site; connecting you with more qualified car buyers. Get a sneak peek here.

Honda, Toyota and Ford Headline's Best Used Cars for 2013

Honda and Toyota led the pack with four vehicles each -- followed by Ford, with three vehicles that earned the accolade Best Used Cars for 2013.

How Today's Companies Are Empowering Consumers & Creating More Efficient Market

The auto industry is one such market in which buyers are increasingly gaining access to equal information and being put on a more level playing field.

How Car Dealerships Should Respond to Negative Reviews

Your reaction to a negative review is the key in preventing future damage to your online reputation. Here are 4 tips to help turn a negative into a positive review.

August Car Sales Hit 16 Million SAAR

Stronger-than-expected August car sales stunned automakers and analysts as volume totaled more than 1.5 million vehicles for a 16-million SAAR of sales, the best for any month since 2007.

Car Insurance Companies Use Facebook for Claims Investigations

In the past 5 years, the use of social media has exploded within the insurance industry. Claims adjusters & attorneys have begun to monitor them for valuable sources of evidence

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