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September 2012 Tools Build Trust Between Car Buyers and Dealers

By Aaron Lewis

Despite all that has changed at dealerships since the days of the loud plaid jacket, trust is still lacking between customers and dealers. Some car buyers hold on to the stereotype that salesmen will squeeze every last possible penny out of them, while many dealers resent the way they're played against each other by customers who now have more access to pricing intelligence than ever before.

To Be "Liked" or To Be Truly Liked, That Is the Question

By Jeremy Anwyl

The vice chairman considers new methods of dealership customer service that could do more for long-term business goals than increase "likes." Analysts Disappoint Conspiracy Theorists

By Jeremy Anwyl

As the election season enters its final phase, the auto industry continues to be a focal point for both parties. Of particular interest are the government-managed bankruptcies and financial bailouts of both GM and Chrysler.

Here Come Self-Driving Cars: The Technology Is Nearly Ready, but Are We?

By John O'Dell

The senior editor evaluates the human limitations that could curb autonomous cars.

The List: 10 Car Manufacturers With the Highest Brand Loyalty

By Warren Clarke measured consumers' commitment to repurchase one brand. Which manufacturers have faithful followers? Test Drives Cars Land at Disney California Adventure

By Editors

A recent visit to Cars Land at Disney California Adventure is the centerpiece of exciting new content posted by

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