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April 2013

Auto Industry Braces for Major Shifts in Search Marketing

The auto industry is bracing for major shifts in search marketing as social media and video digital marketing matures. 58% of new-car buyers visited a dealership as a result of watching video content, according to a 2012 study by NADA.

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Active Safety, More Tuned-In Dealers Are Next Consumer Hot Buttons

As results from new-vehicle crash testing now demonstrate little difference among models, consumers increasingly are going to demand more — and more sophisticated — active safety features, said Jeremy Anwyl, vice chairman, at a meeting of the International Motor Press Association.

Update to New Vehicle TMV® Determination Formula

The formula for New Vehicle True Market Value® has expanded to 210 Nielsen DMAs, which now provides a more accurate price to shoppers AND dealers. Learn more about Edmunds TMV®.

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Why the Internal Combustion Engine Is the Future

Studies estimate that by 2040, about 90 percent of new cars sold will still have an internal combustion engine. And the reason is simple: gasoline.

Affordable Small Cars Attract Young Buyers

According to USA Today, "Detroit automakers have reached out to young buyers as never before with a raft of appealing small cars that they would have rejected as unprofitable in the past."

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