Used 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray


Used 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

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Edmunds' Expert Review

  • Relentless V8 power
  • impressive handling and braking
  • upgraded interior with new electronic features
  • roomy cargo area
  • nifty rev-match manual transmission.
  • Automatic transmission can't match shift speed of rivals' automated manual gearboxes.

Sure, it will still do endless burnouts if you want it to. But with newfound interior refinement and up-to-date electronic features, the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette is now a more appealing and well-rounded choice for a sports car.

Vehicle overview

Recently, we were making small talk with a top engineer from an import luxury automaker and asked him what his personal car was. We expected him to have some sort of flawlessly crafted über-machine parked in his garage. C63. M3. 911. That kind of thing. Instead, he said he had a Corvette. He paused, perhaps noting our perplexed look. "I love all that torque," he added in his thickly accented English, using his hand to imitate his foot pressing down on a gas pedal.

Corvette: Who knew it was America's biggest automotive export for guilty pleasure entertainment?

But with the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray ("Stingray" is once again part of the Corvette name), there might not be much guilt associated with the pleasure anymore. Oh sure, this redesigned Corvette still has the bonkers V8 power, massive tires, outlandish grip and the "look at me!" styling that makes a Vette a Vette. But Chevrolet has addressed many of the car's less appealing qualities, at least in the context of other world-class sports cars.

Action item number one: interior quality. This was the previous Corvette's biggest letdown, and we're pleased to report it's gotten the most attention from Chevy's designers. The materials used are of higher quality, and prominent leather stitching lends a premium vibe. Also improved are the seats, which are more supportive for aggressive driving. Chevy is even offering optional performance seats this time around, which offer even more bolstering. Finally, the overall design is more driver-focused and highlighted by a bigger main touchscreen that supports the brand's latest MyLink electronics interface.

Further refinement is found in regards to the Corvette Stingray's mechanical bits. There's a more rigid body structure now made from aluminum, which improves crash-worthiness, handling precision and the convertible model's overall feeling of solidity. As for the heart of the Corvette, the revised 6.2-liter V8 engine develops 455 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque, a bit more than before. But new direct fuel-injection technology broadens power throughout the rev range, while cylinder deactivation helps boost fuel economy. A seven-speed manual transmission with automatic rev-matching is new, too.

Add this all up and you're looking at the most complete and refined Corvette yet. Comparison shopped against the likes of the upcoming BMW M4, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG or Porsche Boxster or Cayman, the Corvette Stingray promises dominating performance and competitive levels of refinement. It's also an intriguing alternative to more expensive sports cars like the Nissan GT-R and SRT Viper.

What we have here is finally a Corvette without the apologies. And we're pretty sure that translates quite easily into any language.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray models

The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is currently available as a coupe or convertible.

There are two main trim levels, base and Z51. Within each, however, there are three sub-trims: 1LT, 2LT and 3LT. The base Corvette 1LT comes standard with 18-inch front wheels and 19-inch rear wheels, xenon headlights, heated mirrors, a removable roof panel (coupe), a power-operated soft top (convertible), dual-zone automatic climate control, cruise control, keyless ignition and entry, leather upholstery, eight-way power front seats and a power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel. Electronic features include OnStar, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, an 8-inch touchscreen display, Chevy's MyLink electronics interface, a rearview camera and a nine-speaker Bose sound system with two USB ports, an auxiliary audio jack, an SD card reader and satellite radio.

The Corvette Stingray Z51 1LT further adds 19-inch front/20-inch rear wheels, exterior aero trim, performance brakes and suspension tuning, revised transmission gear ratios (manual transmission only), a limited-slip electronic rear differential, a rear differential cooler and dry-sump oiling for the V8 engine.

All Corvette Stingray 2LT models come with auto-dimming driver-side and rearview mirrors, a 10-speaker sound system with HD radio, a head-up display, a cargo shade, driver memory settings, heated and ventilated seats and power lumbar seat adjustments. The 3LT is the same but with upgraded leather upholstery and a navigation system.

For the Corvette Z51, adaptive suspension dampers are optional and come bundled with an upgraded traction management system. Other options for the whole Corvette Stingray line include a dual-mode exhaust system and competition-style seats (late availability). All coupes come with a painted and removable carbon-fiber roof panel, and if you choose, you can order your roof panel either with exposed carbon fiber or transparent.

2014 Highlights

The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette has been fully redesigned. Highlights include a new name (officially, it's the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray), more angular-looking styling, improved interior quality, more power and new technology features. For now, only the base coupe and convertible are available, with the Z06 expected for next year.

Performance & mpg

Under the Corvette's hood is a 6.2-liter V8 driving the rear wheels. Maximum power is 455 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque -- up from 436 and 428 last year, respectively. Don't be unimpressed by what appear to be modest power gains, though; the new engine adds roughly 50 lb-ft of torque below 4,000 rpm over the outgoing model. The optional dual-mode exhaust further provides a slight power boost to 460 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. Putting this to the ground is a seven-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic.

The new V8 now features direct fuel injection, variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation. EPA-estimated fuel economy is impressive at 21 mpg combined (17 mpg city/29 mpg highway) with the manual transmission. The automatic is rated at 20 mpg combined (16 mpg city/28 mpg highway).

The new manual transmission uses the same gear ratios as the previous car, with the 7th gear acting as a tall cruising gear to incrementally improve fuel economy. The manual also comes with automatic rev-matching for upshifts and downshifts, which greatly simplifies and smoothes out shifting during enthusiastic driving. The automatic transmission, meanwhile, represents a modest revision of the previous Corvette's automatic.

In Edmunds testing, a Corvette Z51 with the manual transmission accelerated from zero to 60 mph in an impressively quick 4.1 seconds. Both transmissions feature a launch control mode. It works well enough, but it's more of a novelty than a true performance aid, as we found that it allowed too much wheelspin in our manual-shift Z51 test car.


Standard safety features on the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray include antilock disc brakes, traction and stability control, side-impact airbags and a rearview camera. Also standard is OnStar, which includes automatic crash notification, on-demand roadside assistance, remote door unlocking and stolen vehicle assistance.

In Edmunds brake testing, a Corvette Z51 took just 93 feet to stop from 60 mph: the shortest distance we've ever recorded.


The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is outlandishly quick and capable of generating such fierce acceleration that you'll be forgiven if you erroneously think that Chevy secretly strapped a rocket motor underneath the car. The V8, especially with the optional dual-mode exhaust, sounds so glorious under full throttle that you'll want to uncork at every tunnel or highway underpass opportunity.

The new manual transmission shifts easily, and the automatic rev-matching feature, while not as quick-acting as hoped, is still a nice bonus. Less impressive is the automatic. It's not that much different from the way it was before, and it's a viable option if you don't want to deal with a clutch pedal. But given how much the rest of the car has improved, it seems like a liability given that it can't match the rapid-fire gearchanges of the automated manual transmissions offered by competitors.

Chevy promised that the car's stiffer frame, revised suspension tuning and new tires would improve the Corvette's handling and steering feel. Mission accomplished. The 2014 Corvette's steering provides excellent feel and response and the grip is extraordinary. In fact, we recorded Corvette-all-time-best limit-handling figures at our test track with a Z51-equipped Stingray. The adjustable traction and stability control systems also allow drivers to approach the car's handling limits safely. And just like previous Corvettes, the Stingray excels as a long-distance grand touring car thanks to its comfortable seating and compliant suspension tuning.


Chevrolet put in a lot of effort to improve this year's Corvette interior. The overall design is more driver-centric now, and the more prominent and canted center stack helps promote a jetfighter-like cockpit vibe. In that center control stack is a new 8-inch touchscreen display that uses Chevrolet's latest MyLink electronics interface, which includes smartphone integration for audio apps like Pandora and Stitcher. There's also a new customizable display in the gauge cluster. Both are valuable additions, although the main touchscreen can occasionally be slow to respond.

The quality of the materials is higher now, with a greater use of soft-touch materials and more prominent display of leather stitching. Even more important are the new seats; they're more rigid and supportive this time around, and the newly optional competition-style seats should appease drivers who felt the previous seats didn't provide enough lateral support during hard cornering.

Another bonus is the coupe's 15-cubic-foot hatchback cargo area that offers enough space for luggage, groceries or golf clubs, although it's not as easy to hide or secure those items as it is in rival sports cars with true trunks. As for the Stingray convertible, its power-operated top motors down in about 20 seconds, and its trunk measures 10 cubic feet.

Consumer reviews

Read what other owners think about the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

5 star reviews: 62%
4 star reviews: 23%
3 star reviews: 9%
2 star reviews: 6%
1 star reviews: 0%
Average user rating: 4.4 stars based on 34 total reviews

Trending topics in reviews

  • handling & steering
  • appearance
  • driving experience
  • ride quality
  • value
  • emission system
  • warranty
  • acceleration
  • infotainment system
  • wheels & tires
  • reliability & manufacturing quality
  • engine
  • interior
  • road noise
  • fuel efficiency
  • maintenance & parts
  • climate control
  • brakes
  • transmission
  • doors
  • comfort
  • seats
  • oil
  • lights
  • visibility
  • spaciousness
  • dashboard
  • sound system
  • safety

Most helpful consumer reviews

3 out of 5 stars, On a first name basis with the dealership!
D D,
2dr Coupe (6.2L 8cyl 7M)

My 2014 C7 Z51 purchased new (special ordered and waited 5 months for it to be built). Has been such a phomeminally fun car to drive, but from a GM quality expectation, my particular car has been the worst example of reliability and quality I have ever experienced. Within a few weeks of ownership, the radiator began leaking which was replaced. Then the AC stopped working and the entire system had to be replaced. At 8000 miles, the engine had a "castrophic failure" and was replaced. Resulting front end alignment issues continued following the engine replacement. Additionally, the front end suspension was not torked correctly and began to slip against the frame. Leather Material near the front defroster vent lifted up and the entire dash was replaced. The drivers side door interior was replaced due to rattling noises. Vent control knobs rattled and were replaced. The removable top seals were replaced due to squeaking. And now there is a water leak into the trunk and left storage bin, soaking the owners manuals in the bin and the entire trunk carpet. The rear bumper skin has been removed uncovering a gap between the inside and outside rear compartment moldings (was missing a bit of sealant). The dealership is doing some sort of fiberglass repair and reassembling the car. And those were the major issues. I have owned the car for 20 months, and it has been in for service cumlatevely for 3+ months of that time. The dealership has been very accommodating and performing all repair work under warranty. However, I have asked for a GM representative to discuss my disappoint with their quality, and time after time (many requests), the GM consumer line will only create a issue ticket and refer me to the dealership for resolution (like they are reading from a script). Quite honestly, the quality issues are not caused by the dealership, but GM... They built it and that's who I would love to hear from... But so far... Nothing from GM a representative. I have to express my disappointment with GM, their lack of management response regarding my repeated requests, and quite honestly, my excitement for the car has been overshadowed by the seemly endless quality issues with this new vehicle. The cost was over 76k.... I expect more GM! Not because of how much I paid, but because I had placed my trust in the product and the company to build a reliable, quality car. I suppose Car and Driver got a call from a GM representative when their c7 engine failed. I do hope my bad experiences with the C7 is the exception, as the car drives as awesome as it looks... When it's not in service... Ugh! BTY, as I am writing this, the car again is in service... Again! Going on 3.5 cumulative months sitting at the dealership for repair of some sort. Update... GM has repurchased my vehicle back under the Florida lemon law. Incredibly unhappy about the overall quality experience with the vehicle and truly hope this was an exception to the overall population of the C7.

4.875 out of 5 stars, More than meets the eye

This is my third Corvette after 2 C6s and of course anyone who has seen the car knows that it's a huge esthetic upgrade over the previous model. It isn't until you drive one and live with it however that you can begin to appreciate how much better the car is inn every way. It's much more refined, quieter, faster, better handling, better riding, comfortable and well thought through than than the previous Vette's I've owned which were like beautiful smiles missing a few teeth. This car is the real deal and it's an absolute joy in every way. I look forward to every drive in it and it makes me feel like an super hero when I drive it. Strongly recommend the mag ride, Z51 and NPP exhaust.

5 out of 5 stars, My First Vette & It's Perfect-Just Not Absolutely
Z51 2dr Coupe (6.2L 8cyl 7M)

Yes, the brakes do squeal at very low speeds if you apply a slight pressure and coast to a very slow stop. They are of high performance grade and I find that putting a bit more effort in the initial bite makes that annoying sound go away (there are also tips on applying a bit of lube on some forums). The Vette is not your typical everyday car, but can be driven every day; with that said, there are some small things to keep in mind-such as getting in and out and closing the trunk, that I have experienced. You do not have to be a ballerina, however, a bit of a change in how you would get in and out or the Vette versus your 4 door sedan is required (the same kind of change you would have to make if getting into a SUV or truck). I find that if I sit facing out and then swivel in, I avoid twisting my hips and scuffing up the door or seat. Just reverse the process and you just made things whole lot easier (I’m just a bit over 6ft tall). Closing the trunk takes some effort, give it a good push down and you’re done. Pretend the Vette is made of glass or porcelain and you get a do over. For a sports car that gets so much attention in comparison to its cost, power and features; for me, it’s perfect and so easy to drive. My wife was a bit tense to drive such a high powered car for the first time, she forgot all about that in less than 5 miles. I haven’t experienced any negatives that warrant a dealer visit. My Vette is a 2014 Velocity Yellow, Z51 2LT with the NPP exhaust (a must have for me, I view it as part of the whole experience). Will you enjoy a Corvette Stingray? Yes you will. Do you have to get along with a couple quirks? Yes you do. However, you by no means have to; just pay more for your absolute perfect car, if such a car exists.

3.875 out of 5 stars, Poor Reliability

I have had a major failure of the power train (torque tube) at 2000 miles and 6500 miles. It is a beautiful and fun car when it isn't in the shop.

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2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray video

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray vs Jaguar F-Type | Which Sports Car Wins?

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray vs Jaguar F-Type | Which Sports Car Wins?

ALISTAIR WEAVER: Today, Britain and America go head to head, as the Jaguar F-TYPE takes on the Chevrolet Corvette in a five category comparison. Both are Edmunds A-rated, and both are hugely desirable. [MUSIC PLAYING] I'm Alistair Weaver. And I'm joined by two of Edmunds' most enthusiastic editors. Canadian James Riswick will be representing the British empire and the Jaguar F-TYPE, while American Mike Monticello will be telling us all about the flag-waving Chevy Corvette. First category up is performance. Now, neither car is what you'd call slow. But, James, what sets the F-TYPE apart? JAMES RISWICK: Well, let's talk about the V8. The V8 S convertible has 495 horsepower. The F-TYPE R coupe has 550 horsepower. Now, it has effortless, thrilling acceleration. Regardless of how you're driving it, it's absolutely addictive. And both go from 0 to 60 in less than four seconds. MIKE MONTICELLO: Blah, blah, blah about all your power figures. I mean, the Corvette might only have 460 horsepower, but it also weighs about 500 pounds less than your fat cat over there. It pulled 1G around the skidpad. We recorded our shortest breaking distance ever at 93 feet. And with performance traction management, it has an adjustable stability control system and multi-mode traction control, which is just awesome on the racetrack. ALISTAIR WEAVER: Both make compelling arguments. But for its crushing performance at the track, my point goes to the Corvette. Moving on to comfort, not traditionally a sports car strong point. Mike, how does the Vette stack up? MIKE MONTICELLO: With the optional magnetic suspension system, this Corvette is downright livable as a daily driver. The days of Corvettes being all bouncy, those are gone. And this car is actually less harsh than the Jag. It also has real seats. The Corvette seats were always comfortable, but now they'll actually hold you in place through corners. And the exhaust system, it's a dual-mode system. So when you go full throttle, it's really raucous. [ENGINE REVVING] [TIRES SQUEALING] But if you drive it like a normal human, it's perfectly quiet. JAMES RISWICK: OK. The Jag does not have access to the magnetic dampers, and it doesn't have as big of an interior. So if you're tall like me, you frankly just will not be as comfortable inside the Jag. So I will probably not win on the comfort level. However, let me just take this moment, since I have some time, to point out that F-TYPE looks like this. It is beautiful. That's all I got. ALISTAIR WEAVER: I agree the F-TYPE's pretty enough to make Americans regret the Boston Tea Party. But I don't fit either. And to be honest, that really annoys me. So hard though this is to believe, the point of comfort goes to the Vette. But James, does the F-TYPE make up for its lack of space with a certain style and panache? JAMES RISWICK: Well, it definitely does have style. It definitely has panache. Space? Not so much. Especially in terms of the trunk, the Corvette's bigger. I'd also offer that Chevy's MyLink system is definitely superior to whatever ye olde touch screen the Jag has. But come on now. This is a Jaguar. That's a Chevrolet. It is covered with leather that actually feels like leather. It doesn't smell like fiberglass glue. And even though the Corvette is far better than the old one-- I mean, a lot better-- this is still a Jaguar we're talking about. MIKE MONTICELLO: Well, we do agree on something, James. This is a much improved interior. I mean, it now has modern controls, fancy styling. Yeah, the fit and finish isn't quite to the level of the Jaguar. But you know, you can't really expect that at the Corvette's price. There's plenty of room for wide Americans to stretch out inside the cabin. And you can wear a helmet at a track day. And the trunk is absolutely gigantic for a sports car. ALISTAIR WEAVER: So if you've piled on the pounds, the Vette is the only choice. But for its sheer joie de vivre, I'm going to award my point to the F-TYPE. Controversial. MIKE MONTICELLO: What language is he speaking? ALISTAIR WEAVER: Now, sports cars are a fantasy purchase. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't be good value. Right, Mike? MIKE MONTICELLO: I agree. I mean, the Corvette is the epitome of bang for the buck. The base car starts around $51,000. And a perfectly well-equipped Z51 is around $65,000. Now, are you going to tell me that an F-TYPE R is twice the car of a Corvette? I don't think so. And the Corvette even gets 29 MPG on the highway. JAMES RISWICK: OK. So the Corvette is cheaper than the Jag, gets better fuel economy-- no running away from that. But let's just bring in another comparison here. The F-TYPE V8, if you compare it to a Mercedes SLS, you get pretty much the same performance and specs. But the Mercedes costs $100,000 more. So really the Jag, in a way, is actually still a value. ALISTAIR WEAVER: So it all depends on how you look at it. Compared to a Porsche 911, or the Mercedes SLS, the Jaguar is actually good value. But compared to the Vette, well, it starts to look expensive. And for that reason, the Chevy gets my point. The last category is fun to drive. Now, both these cars should monster this. But can the Brit outpoint the Yank? JAMES RISWICK: Number one reason why the F-TYPE is incredibly fun is the noise. You think the Corvette is loud? It is Grandma's living room compared to the F-TYPE R coupe. It is hilariously and awesomely loud. [ENGINE REVVING] Also, this car is a wonderful, sliding, wildly powerful car. Everything about the F-TYPE is an event, from the way the air vents rise out of the dash, little toggle switches, the way the shifter kind of feels like some sort of futuristic gun. This entire car feels like it was designed by somebody who wanted to be James Bond when they grew up, but ended up being a Jaguar designer instead. [ENGINE REVVING] MIKE MONTICELLO: Track days, yes. Mountain roads, heck yeah. Burn outs all day long. And you can get a manual transmission. Can you even get a manual transmission in the Jag? No. The Corvette has a thundering V8 that totally fits the car. The Jaguar, yeah, it's loud and kind of obnoxious. But all this crackling and popping sounds a little more contrived. I mean, [INAUDIBLE] the British material make all the politeness? ALISTAIR WEAVER: This is a real toughie. But I love the F-TYPE's style and its soundtrack. So by the narrowest of margins, it gets another point. Over all, this is mighty close. But I think the Corvette just shades it, mainly in terms of its value. But tell us. Which car would you choose? For more information, explore

Two cars and two editors Face Off: the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray vs the Jaguar F-Type. Editors Mike Monticello and James Riswick debate the merits of each rear-wheel-drive, V8-powered sports car, including their performance, comfort, interior, value and how much (or little) they're fun to drive. Which sports car would you buy: the Corvette or F-Type?

Features & Specs

Z51 2dr Coupe features & specs
Z51 2dr Coupe
6.2L 8cyl 7M
MPG 17 city / 29 hwy
Seats 2
7-speed manual
455 hp @ 6000 rpm

2dr Coupe features & specs
2dr Coupe
6.2L 8cyl 7M
MPG 17 city / 29 hwy
Seats 2
7-speed manual
455 hp @ 6000 rpm

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Is the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray a good car?

The Edmunds experts tested the 2014 Corvette Stingray both on the road and at the track. You probably care about Chevrolet Corvette Stingray fuel economy, so it's important to know that the Corvette Stingray gets an EPA-estimated 21 mpg. What about cargo capacity? When you're thinking about carrying stuff in your new car, keep in mind that the Corvette Stingray has 15.0 cubic feet of trunk space. And then there's safety and reliability. Edmunds has all the latest NHTSA and IIHS crash-test scores, plus industry-leading expert and consumer reviews to help you understand what it's like to own and maintain a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Learn more

Is the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray reliable?

To determine whether the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is reliable, read Edmunds' authentic consumer reviews, which come from real owners and reveal what it's like to live with the Corvette Stingray. Look for specific complaints that keep popping up in the reviews, and be sure to compare the Corvette Stingray's average consumer rating to that of competing vehicles. Learn more

Is the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray a good car?

There's a lot to consider if you're wondering whether the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is a good car. Safety scores, fuel economy, cargo capacity and feature availability should all be factors in determining whether the 2014 Corvette Stingray is a good car for you. Check back soon for the official Edmunds Rating from our expert testing team Learn more

How much should I pay for a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray?

The least-expensive 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2dr Coupe (6.2L 8cyl 7M). Including destination charge, it arrives with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of about $53,000.

Other versions include:

  • Z51 2dr Coupe (6.2L 8cyl 7M) which starts at $57,000
  • 2dr Coupe (6.2L 8cyl 7M) which starts at $53,000
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What are the different models of Chevrolet Corvette Stingray?

If you're interested in the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, the next question is, which Corvette Stingray model is right for you? Corvette Stingray variants include Z51 2dr Coupe (6.2L 8cyl 7M), and 2dr Coupe (6.2L 8cyl 7M). For a full list of Corvette Stingray models, check out Edmunds’ Features & Specs page. Learn more

More about the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Used 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Overview

The Used 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is offered in the following submodels: Corvette Stingray Coupe, Corvette Stingray Convertible. Available styles include Z51 2dr Coupe (6.2L 8cyl 7M), 2dr Coupe (6.2L 8cyl 7M), 2dr Convertible (6.2L 8cyl 7M), and Z51 2dr Convertible (6.2L 8cyl 7M).

What do people think of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray?

Consumer ratings and reviews are also available for the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and all its trim types. Overall, Edmunds users rate the 2014 Corvette Stingray 4.4 on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Edmunds consumer reviews allow users to sift through aggregated consumer reviews to understand what other drivers are saying about any vehicle in our database. Detailed rating breakdowns (including performance, comfort, value, interior, exterior design, build quality, and reliability) are available as well to provide shoppers with a comprehensive understanding of why customers like the 2014 Corvette Stingray.

Edmunds Expert Reviews

Edmunds experts have compiled a robust series of ratings and reviews for the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and all model years in our database. Our rich content includes expert reviews and recommendations for the 2014 Corvette Stingray featuring deep dives into trim levels and features, performance, mpg, safety, interior, and driving. Edmunds also offers expert ratings, road test and performance data, long-term road tests, first-drive reviews, video reviews and more.

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Which 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays are available in my area?

Shop Edmunds' car, SUV, and truck listings of over 6 million vehicles to find a cheap new, used, or certified pre-owned (CPO) 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray for sale near. There are currently 8 new 2014 Corvette Stingrays listed for sale in your area, with list prices as low as $36,889 and mileage as low as 7497 miles. Simply research the type of car you're interested in and then select a car from our massive database to find cheap vehicles for sale near you. Once you have identified a used vehicle you're interested in, check the AutoCheck vehicle history reports, read dealer reviews, and find out what other owners paid for the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

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Should I lease or buy a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray?

Is it better to lease or buy a car? Ask most people and they'll probably tell you that car buying is the way to go. And from a financial perspective, it's true, provided you're willing to make higher monthly payments, pay off the loan in full and keep the car for a few years. Leasing, on the other hand, can be a less expensive option on a month-to-month basis. It's also good if you're someone who likes to drive a new car every three years or so.

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