Monthly Update for May 2018 - 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Long-Term Road Test

2017 Chevrolet Bolt Premier: Monthly Update for May 2018

by Calvin Kim, Road Test Engineer

Where Did We Drive It?
After all the shenanigans of April, our 2017 Chevrolet Bolt had a quiet and reliable month of commuting and city driving — exactly what this EV hatchback is good for. Instead of doing the daily driver shuffle with different editors in and out of the driver's seat every day, we had a few drivers stay in the Bolt for longer periods. This approach provides more accurate electric use data, as well as a new perspective for some who may question the very seat they're sitting in.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
Considering it was a month of stop-and-go city driving, it should be expected that we only drove the Bolt about 1,000 miles this month and our electric consumption was pretty much dead-on average. We dropped 0.2 kWh of energy use per 100 miles, which represents a typical amount of deviation. In other words, business as usual.

Average lifetime mpg: 26.5 kWh/100
EPA mpg rating: 28 kWh/100 combined (26 city/31 highway)
Best fill mpg: 18.3 kWh/100
Best range: 334.3 miles
Current odometer: 17,434 miles

Maintenance and Upkeep

Logbook Highlights

2017 Chevrolet Bolt Premier

"Everyone knows that L.A. traffic is absolutely terrible, and Interstate 405 during rush hour adds an entirely new dimension to the torture. After moving and having to extend my commute as a result, I have been on the hunt for ways to make the hour-and-a-half-plus drive more enjoyable, if not simply less painful.

"The Bolt has been my knight in shining armor. Thanks to its stellar range I can commute back and forth for nearly a week (yeah, it's only 20 miles each way) before needing to charge. I also get the bonus of the HOV lane (TOTAL WIN) and I can one-pedal it the whole way (yay for L mode). While others have complained about the seats in the car, I find them comfortable enough for long periods of sitting in traffic. The technical interface is easy enough to use. My Android phone pairs seamlessly, and the audio system is just fine for those moments when I need to drown out the drone of idling engines. The Bolt is definitely my commuter of choice at the moment." — Abigail Bassett, senior director, video & photo

"I've been avoiding our Bolt because I hated the seats so much, but I thought I'd give it another chance. Which was a mistake. The seats are worse now because they've been wearing out. The seatback is still too hard and feels concave where the lumbar support should be. It then drops back right at my shoulder blades so I have no support above that. But now that the seat cushion is all messed up, I can feel the plastic bits around the edge much more. It's stupidly uncomfortable for me and I hate it." — Will Kaufman, associate staff writer

2017 Chevrolet Bolt Premier

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