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2002 BMW 7 Series
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2002 BMW 7 Series


  • Advanced powertrains, sumptuous luxury, technology showcase.


  • Toys can be distracting from the task at hand, odd styling details.
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The new BMW 7 Series is probably the most technologically advanced passenger car in the world, but is it too complex?

vehicle overview

Leaves change colors, birds fly south, and every few years, BMW must make changes to its cars. We didn't feel that the previous 7 Series was getting long in the tooth by any stretch of the imagination, but the wizards of Bavaria needed to showcase all the latest hoopla gadgetry in some form, so they chose their flagship sedan.

The new 7 will be available as a regular-wheelbase 745i or a long-wheelbase 745iL. Powering each model is a 4.4-liter V8 with bi-VANOS dual variable valve timing. This V8 makes 325 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque, and BMW says fuel economy is improved by 14 percent. A six-speed automatic transmission, the world's first, utilizes shift-by-wire technology and is controlled using a selector lever on the steering wheel. Initially, automanual shifting (Steptronic) will not be offered in the U.S. Acceleration to 60 mph is expected to take just over 6 seconds for the full-size 745i. About a year after the 745 debuts, a 760iL will land on our shores, sporting a 6.0-liter V-12 making 408 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque.

An all-aluminum suspension with Automatic Ride Stabilization (ARS) and continuously adjustable Electronic Damper Control (EDC) is standard. Both work to keep the car's cornering stance flat and control body roll as tightly as a girdle. The rear suspension features automatic load leveling. The driver may choose between comfort and sport settings. Safety is ensured by numerous airbags, including a head protection system for front and rear passengers. Front seats feature active headrests.

Optionally available is an Active Cruise Control (ACC) system. ACC works similarly to intelligent cruise control systems offered by Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti; it monitors the distance between the 7 Series and the car ahead and adjusts speed accordingly to maintain a safe distance.

While this is all well and good, the most important innovation contained in the new 7 is the iDrive system. All critical elements needed for driving are arranged on and around the steering wheel. iDrive controls the remainder of the new 7's gadgets, such as on-board telematics (including GPS navigation, Internet access and the new ASSIST emergency notification system), as well as climate and stereo functions. A stubby rotary push-button dial (dubbed The Controller) mounted in the center console and a control display screen mounted to the top-center of the dash allegedly allow the driver to operate these functions without taking his or her eyes away from the road. That remains to be seen, as we have not conducted a test drive of the new 7 Series yet.

According to BMW, iDrive will allow the development of a system called ConnectedDrive. What is ConnectedDrive? BMW says it "uses and links innovative technologies in the three areas of telematics, online services and driver assistance systems." By networking all of the new Seven's electronics systems together, BMW aims to provide as serene and safe a driving experience as is possible in a modern automobile by offering technologies that come very close to doing the driving for you.

Examples of what BMW has in the pipeline include the following: Adaptive Light Control (by consulting the navigation system, the headlights track curves before you see them), Active Steering Wheel (again using navigation, steering will help keep the car on the intended path, but the driver will easily be able to overcome the "assistance") and Active Gas Pedal (the accelerator will exert force against the driver's foot when the car determines that it would be prudent to slow down. Navigation mapping and road conditions would determine when this system engaged, but the driver could easily defeat it). Also coming is Bluetooth linking technology, allowing the new Seven to communicate with PDAs, computers and mobile phones.

There are too many technological details to go in-depth here; needless to say, the new 7 Series will be an interesting barometer to see where the future of driving is headed. Is it merely a means through which to be shuttled to and fro in a high-tech mobile office? Or will BMW stay true to its Ultimate Driving Machine heritage and not forego the qualities that made BMW an enthusiast's dream? Time will tell.

2002 Highlights

Completely and controversially redesigned, the 2002 BMW 7 Series arrives chock-full of innovative technology and luxury trimmings.

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love/hate -- sold it and bought an acura
I had the 745i for 10 years and at only 80 thousand miles, i finally decided to get rid of it. Fortunately, I sold it for a pretty good price and I was being very honest to the guy who bought it about the problems I had with the car before (they were fixed). I love the driving and I do agree that it's very addictive and this is why it took me so long to sell it. But, after 6 years, it started to need my attention and i have not stop paying money to keep it running in good shape. I had 3 oil leaks, coolant problems, vacuum failed twice, power window, shade, door lock, power button for the seat etc....and, I had the service engine lights on as well.
Had enough!
After 7 years of ownership, finally had enough of the continual issues with this car and traded it in (not a BMW). Only drove the car in the summer but that did not prevent many costly repairs once the warranty was over. Major coolant leak leading to engine damage (covered by warranty), cooling fan replaced, passenger window motor, 2 batteries, alternator, 6 CD changer malfunctioned, steering alignment could never be done properly leading to uneven tire wear on expensive Dunlops, bad sunroof windnoise that "could not be fixed", excessive road noise, clunky transmission, check engine light "forever" ON, low battery warning would appear often. Each dealer visit; minimum $1000. Enough!
Most comfortable and powerful Car!
I wanted BMW 745i rather than 745il! I was searching for one for a long time till I got this one. Very comfortable luxury sedan with sporty handling and plenty of power! Really a cool car even after 8 years! It's charisma did not fade all these years, paint looks new. I have a flawless grey exterior,but wait... what is the color of the interior? blueish gray! Grayish blue!? What color blind person made this interior? I didn't like the interior color at all, since the car was clean, and left with no other choice I've been forced to buy this BMW! Mechanically it is a good vehicle though. I am still puzzled, which guy with right frame of mind would make such an ugly color for a classy car?
Bad Experience, Worst car to buy
From the day i bought until now, every week i drop off the car for repair. I am broke, I did not know that I am paying for the BMW mess, mistake, for not making the better engine and computer complication. I think it is the time for 745i BMW recall. Whoever owns and has problems with car, like i mentioned before, should go public, media and have BMW fixed their own mess. I think even Mazda, Ford, Honda, Toyota are more reliable cars than BMW.
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Features & Specs

16 city / 24 hwy
Seats 5
6-speed automatic
325 hp @ 6100 rpm
16 city / 24 hwy
Seats 5
6-speed automatic
325 hp @ 6100 rpm
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  • Rear Crash Protection / Head Restraint
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More about the 2002 BMW 7 Series
More About This Model

BMW is rolling the dice with its new 7 Series. The existing car, one that looks devastatingly handsome even after seven years on the market, is a favorite of BMW loyalists and the motoring press. Will BMW hit seven with the new Seven?

The styling is already taking heat from critics. Not sure what to make of this new look? Get used to it. Future Bimmers will take cues from this car.

Otherwise, the 745i is likely to enjoy years of success. It possesses incredible power, handling and sophistication. Of course, the price will be equally incredible, but those shopping for the ultimate super-luxury sedan hardly worry about such trivialities.

All that sophistication comes bundled with some equally incredible complexity. And though it's the new iDrive computerized convenience management system that BMW's marketing mavens are touting, the mechanical hardware, not the confusing software, is what impresses.

Boasting 333 horsepower (compared with the outgoing version's 286), the 745i's new V8 engine displaces 4.4 liters, the same as last year. Despite the infusion of power, BMW claims "at least 10 percent better fuel economy under driving conditions typically encountered by the customer." More horsepower and better fuel economy? Pretty soon BMW will take credit for discovering the fountain of youth.

But it's true, all because of something BMW calls Valvetronic. This high-tech induction system has allowed the company to eliminate the throttle completely and continuously adjust the intake valves, thus achieving improved fuel economy numbers and better engine responsiveness.

Valvetronic's secret lies with the intake camshaft. Taking the operation of modern variable valve timing to another level, Valvetronic can adjust the opening and closing of the intake valves to such an extent that a traditional throttle system is no longer needed. The 745's gas pedal literally controls the intake camshaft, replacing the inefficient throttle plate in the intake manifold, thereby making the engine more responsive.

And how responsive it is. Last year's motor was world-class. This new one raises the bar. It's as smooth as any Lexus, as lusty as a blown Jaguar and makes more than sufficient power. BMW claims that 0 to 60 mph takes about 6.2 seconds.

Power delivery is managed by the segment's first six-speed automatic transmission, and as much as the extra ratio helps acceleration and fuel economy, it's biggest boon is its smooth shifts. In its Steptronic automanual mode, shifts are often imperceptible. On more than one occasion, it seemed the system had not responded to the steering wheel-mounted controls, but a glance at the dashboard indicator proved that the transmission really had changed gears.

The 745 we drove, which had the optional 19-inch wheels shod with Michelin Pilot Primacy tires (it's also available with Pirelli P Zeros) and BMW's Dynamic Drive active roll stabilization system, is the best-handling BMW this side of an M3. Steering, despite the new car's longer wheelbase, is also more precise than ever. By way of boasting, BMW claims the 745 is as adept on a twisty road as its ultimate sports car, the Z8.

Much of the credit for its handling prowess goes to the Dynamic Drive system. A short spin in the 745 reveals that there's something radically new controlling body motion. Below 0.3g's, lateral acceleration (moderate cornering), body roll is completely eliminated. Up to 0.6g's (we're starting to get playful here), roll is reduced by 80 percent. It's absolutely uncanny to toss around such a large car while experiencing so little body roll. Because Dynamic Drive hydraulically stiffens the antiroll bars and not the suspension, the 745's ride remains as compliant as ever, despite its impressive cornering. Mercedes-Benz offers a similar system, called Active Body Control (ABC), on the S-Class sedan, a direct competitor to the BMW Seven, but the Bavarians have done a better job by a significant margin.

When we first viewed the new Seven at the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show, we wondered whether the company known for creating ultimate driving machines had lost focus and wanted now to create ultimate distraction machines. The source of our concern is called iDrive, and according to inside sources, it sets the direction of all future BMW interiors.

Now that we've had an opportunity to drive the 745i, we think they might want to wait on that. While its execution is better than many other telematics systems, iDrive is ultimately too complex, causing distraction because it doesn't allow quick and easy access to rudimentary everyday functions.

iDrive consists of a computer that controls 270 functions (including basic climate and stereo settings), a center-mounted LCD screen and a console-mounted rotary pushbutton knob that works as the system's "mouse." It's an amazingly powerful system that BMW sees taking over almost all vehicle functions, from navigation to setting the smart cruise control's automatic speed increments. Ditto for the audio functions, which require a PhD in Astrophysics to implement. And setting a new radio station is an overly complex procedure far removed from the old press-and-hold buttons of a regular system.

The good news is that while you can program innumerable functions for the climate system using the iDrive mouse, you still have simple control knobs in the dashboard to make basic adjustments. Unfortunately, the same provision hasn't been made for the audio system, making simple tasks far too difficult. If you're an inveterate channel-hopper (like several of our staffers), the iDrive system might be a major irritant compared to a simple tuning knob and a few buttons. Our advice to BMW (and every other manufacturer creating such systems) is to provide the power of customization through digital power, but retain basic manual controls for functions that are used every day.

A few other convenience items work more effortlessly. There's now an electronically actuated parking brake that eliminates the need for a retractable lever. It even serves as an emergency brake if the normal braking system fails. Even more impressive is the Automatic Hold function that, when the Seven is stopped at a stoplight, uses the brakes to hold the car still until the throttle is depressed. There's no need to keep your foot on the brake to keep from moving forward. And lastly, the selector for the automatic transmission has moved from the center console to the steering column. But instead of a protruding stalk, the 745's selector is a cute little arm that shifts the transmission electronically.

The rest of the 745's interior deserves compliment. The leather is, of course, first-rate. Optionally available are comfortable seats, for both front and rear occupants, and there's more interior room, especially in the rear. Those needing even more space will have to wait a few months after the 745i arrives until the long-wheelbase 745Li comes to the United States. And if 333 horsepower isn't enough for you, BMW has a 760Li waiting in the wings, with 12 cylinders of motor and 408 horsepower. It's due a year after the 745's launch.

Unquestionably, the redesigned BMW 745i represents the most modern and technologically advanced production automobile in the world. Innovations like Valvetronic and Dynamic Drive are significant, and they raise the bar for other super-luxury sedan manufacturers. But iDrive, which might possibly take "most-confusing-telematics" laurels from Mercedes' COMAND system, isn't what buyers of the ultimate driving machines want. Luxury and elegance are as much about simplicity as they are aesthetics, and iDrive is not simple, no matter how clean it looks to the naked eye.

Used 2002 BMW 7 Series Overview

The Used 2002 BMW 7 Series is offered in the following submodels: 7 Series Sedan. Available styles include 745i 4dr Sedan (4.4L 8cyl 6A), and 745Li 4dr Sedan (4.4L 8cyl 6A).

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