1991 Acura NSX: In Good Hands

1991 Acura NSX: In Good Hands

October 29, 2012

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You're looking at the proud new owner of our long-term, and now smog-legal, 1991 Acura NSX. Jim is the director of product management here at Edmunds. He followed the car closely in the blogs and waited patiently until we offered it to employees.

Edmunds employees get the first chance to buy our long-term cars before we offer them to outside private-party buyers or to Carmax. To avoid any perception that we're playing favorites with employees, we offer cars to them at a "no-haggle" Edmunds private-party TMV price.

Jim is a big fan of the NSX and had always wanted to own one. He was the first to reply to the employee listing for the car and he knew more about it than I did. When the NSX failed its smog test, Jim wasn't deterred, and he helped us troubleshoot potential causes.

The selling price was $28,461. We could have sold it for more to an outside buyer, but if it means we keep car in the Edmunds family, we're OK with taking less. Plus, we'll be able to check up on the car in the future.

Jim doesn't plan on making any major modifications to the car. He wants to keep it as close to stock as possible. However, when the tires are due for replacement, he is considering getting a set of wheels from the 1997 NSX.

We wish Jim well and are happy that the car is in good hands.

Final Odometer: 58,393

Ron Montoya, Consumer Advice Editor

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