Edmunds.com Tests Redesigned Web Site, Addresses Expectations of Next-Generation Car Buyers

Edmunds.com Tests Redesigned Web Site, Addresses Expectations of Next-Generation Car Buyers

Edmunds.com Tests Redesigned Web Site, Addresses Expectations of Next-Generation Car Buyers

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — September 22, 2010 — Edmunds.com, the premier online resource for automotive information, today announces that its visitors now have the opportunity to preview the company's new Web site at beta.edmunds.com. Functions of the new Web site, inspired by modern Internet shopping conveniences not typically associated with cars, is also accessible through an iPhone "app" that is expected to become available through iTunes in the coming weeks.

"Consumers are being exposed to rapidly improving retail experiences in other categories. Consider the seamlessness of downloading a book to your Kindle, or music to your iPod. I know that a car is not a book. But watch a Gen Y-er — someone who has only experienced the last few years of high-value retailing — try to buy a car. It is edifying," wrote Edmunds.com CEO Jeremy Anwyl in his blog at http://justtoclarify.typepad.com/my-blog/2010/09/the-new-edmundscom.html.

"For many years, our Web site has essentially looked the same, but we've been relentlessly working behind the scenes, rebuilding the infrastructure to allow us to improve upon the Edmunds.com visitor experience," commented Edmunds.com Vice President Eugene Park. "Now we've got some great new tools and features in place, and we are ready for today's car-buyers to put them into practice."

Among the site's new tools and features are:

  • The Edmunds.com Car Finder, which allows car-shoppers to discover cars of likely interest based on price point, body style and/or features such as iPod connectivity, fuel efficiency ratings and other personal choices.
  • The Edmunds.com Affordability Calculator, which answers the age-old question "what car can I afford to buy" and generates a shopping list based on real-world vehicle preferences and budget considerations.
  • Pre-production car listings, so that car shoppers can easily compare offerings to determine whether to wait for a future model year before making a new car purchase.
  • A new "save" function, which allows site visitors to privately collect their car research from any Web site, and to make notes.
  • New car inventory listings, which allow car shoppers to quickly learn where to buy the vehicles that most appeal to them.
  • Virtual window stickers that clarify which fees should be paid — and how much they should be — for easy comparison at the dealership.
  • Enhanced Dealer Ratings and Reviews, which measure dealership responsiveness to modern shopping practices and expectations.

"There are some nice features that will be live at launch, but the most important feature is under the skin. The new site will support the rapid prototyping and simultaneous testing of new concepts. And we plan to launch a blizzard of new initiatives to find out what works," promised Anwyl.

In the coming weeks the company will test four different home pages to see if buyers prefer to be led through tasks, inspired by photos and graphics, presented with a remarkably simple display, or have an experience similar to the one that Edmunds.com has offered in the past.

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