Edmunds.com Names the Fastest-Selling Vehicles in America to Help Car Shoppers as 2013 Winds to a Close

Edmunds.com Names the Fastest-Selling Vehicles in America to Help Car Shoppers as 2013 Winds to a Close

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — December 18, 2013 — The 2014 Land Rover Range Rover was the fastest-selling car in America last month, and there were several other familiar names that helped to fill out the top 10, reports Edmunds.com, the premier resource for car shopping and automotive information. Edmunds.com today released its list of the top 10 fastest-selling vehicles to help purchasers of those vehicles better manage their expectations before they start negotiations.

According to Edmunds.com's days to turn (DTT) statistics, which measure how long a vehicle sits on a dealer's lot before it's sold, the average Range Rover sold in November was on sale at a dealer's lot for just nine days. Chevrolet Corvette, Jeep Cherokee and Land Rover Range Rover Sport all tied for the second slot, at 10 days to turn. Other popular vehicles ranking in last month's top 10 include Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class (14 DTT), Subaru Forester (17 DTT) and Mitsubishi Mirage (18 DTT). By comparison, the average new car sold in November sat on a dealer lot for 59 days.

Fastest-Selling Vehicles in America, November 2013

Rank Make Model Days to Turn (DTT) Avg. Transaction Price Avg. Discount
1 Land Rover Range Rover 9 $108,367 -3.08%*
2(t) Chevrolet Corvette 10 $66,352 0.04%
2(t) Jeep Cherokee 10 $30,822 6.61%
2(t) Land Rover Range Rover Sport 10 $81,934 0.40%
5 Honda Accord Hybrid 11 $33,358 0.24%
6(t) Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class 14 $36,512 5.35%
6(t) BMW 4 Series 14 $50,746 5.33%
8(t) Subaru Forester 17 $26,446 5.05%
8(t) Audi Q5 17 $45,834 6.41%
10 Mitsubishi Mirage 18 $15,430 5.20%
    Industry Average 59 $32,852 10.54%

* — Range Rover sold at 3.08% above MSRP — on average — in November.

The demand for a "hot" car presents a dilemma: While shoppers are attracted to these vehicles' new and unique features, they also come with a higher price tag.

"Dealers offer few — if any — incentives on the newest, most buzz-worthy cars, and shoppers will likely have very little room to negotiate," says Edmunds.com Consumer Advice Editor Carroll Lachnit in a statement. "Luckily there are plenty of great new car deals for anyone who wants to consider other options."

One efficient way for shoppers to locate and identify better deals on high-demand cars is to use Edmunds.com's Price PromiseSM, which offers users upfront pricing on cars available in their areas. Price Promisesm users can confirm that a fast-selling vehicle is still in stock, and they can also learn exactly what they can expect to pay before they walk into the showroom.

Car shoppers looking to score the best deals are also encouraged to check Edmunds.com's Car Incentives and Rebates page to see what discounts are available on their favorite cars. Edmunds.com experts also identify the cars and trucks with the most appealing deals right now at http://www.edmunds.com/deals-of-month.html.

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