Edmunds.com Advises Car Shoppers on How to Make the Most of the Los Angeles Auto Show

Edmunds.com Advises Car Shoppers on How to Make the Most of the Los Angeles Auto Show

Edmunds.com Advises Car Shoppers on How to Make the Most of the Los Angeles Auto Show

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — November 30, 2012 — As the 2012 L.A. Auto Show opens to the public this weekend, Edmunds.com, the premier resource for car shopping and automotive information, advises shoppers on strategies they can use at auto shows to help them make an informed decision on their next new car.

"Car shows are sometimes overwhelming, so it's critical for car shoppers to plan out a course of action," says Edmunds.com Consumer Advice Editor Ronald Montoya. "They should familiarize themselves with the floor plan ahead of time and identify the cars and brands that they want to see. This will help them navigate the show floors, which are often spread across more than one convention center hall."

Edmunds.com suggests the following additional tips for shoppers looking to make the most out of their auto show expeditions:

  • Avoid the crowds — The opening weekend of any auto show draws the biggest crowds, making it difficult to get uninterrupted access to the cars that are most interesting. To minimize crowds, try to go to the show on a weekday. If you must go on the weekend, get there as soon as the doors open.
  • Compare vehicles — An auto show allows you to compare the greatest number of cars in the shortest amount of time and distance. Don't just look at the car that interests you the most; be sure to check out its competitors, too.
  • Talk to the product specialists— One of the best things about an auto show is the lack of sales pressure. Most of the people staffing the manufacturers' exhibits are product specialists, not salespeople. They have to be well-schooled in the cars on display, so don't hesitate to ask the many questions you may have.

For a full look at "A Car Shopper's Guide to Auto Show's" please visit http://www.edmunds.com/car-buying/a-car-shoppers-guide-to-auto-shows.html.

For those attending the LA Auto Show in the coming days, Edmunds.com offers a dedicated page to all of the new models on display. Visitors can find these cars at http://www.edmunds.com/auto-shows/los-angeles/2012/.

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