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    Consumer Reviews for the Rivian R1S

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    Best vehicle I’ve owned

    Green Lantern Riv, 09/25/2023
    2023 Rivian R1S
    For being a brand new auto manufacturer, Rivian really hit it out of the park with this one. I waited almost 3 years and it was well worth the wait. In a sea of egg shaped electric “SUVs” the R1S is the first real electric SUV. It’s big with not feeling too big. The surround view cameras are nice. The highway assist is what I need, although I’m sure there will be future updates. I love … the monthly updates I get. I basically get a better and better car every month. The fit and finish are nice without being too sparse or overwhelming. Cooled seats are a nice touch. The vehicle itself has been really reliable. I’m almost 3,000 miles in and I’m getting an average of 2.38 kWh. Would I buy this again? Yes. I’ll probably be putting in a reservation for an R2 too once those become available.
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