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    Consumer Reviews for the Rivian R1S

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    5 out of 5 stars

    Does most things well; a few things just bonkers

    Rivian in NorCal, 10/12/2023
    2023 Rivian R1S
    There’s nothing else like this on the road. We wanted a 3 row electric SUV. Only other option right now is the Tesla X and its third row is too small for older kids and adults. So I test drove the Rivian. This is my first electric so there are a few things like the control center and regenerative braking that take a little time to get used to. Overall, while it’s not perfect, it does … so many things well. It’s fun to drive, it’s fast, comfortable you can still carry 7 people AND a bunch of luggage. If you want to, the off road and towing capabilities are nuts. It has shortcomings but if you put the whole package together I just don’t think there’s anything that competes. Pros: - a large SUV like this has NO business going as fast as it does. Tesla drivers get it. But coming from your usual 3 row SUV, your brain won’t compute. It’s like a roller coaster launch. - maybe because of its design (big battery along the bottom) - it handles well for a vehicle this size. You don’t feel like it’s going to lose control and roll over around a corner. - very easy and compelling to drive. You’ll be hunting for reasons to take it out. - seats are comfortable. They’re not Mercedes comfortable - but nice vegan leather and I feel great in them after 2 hours. - stereo is good but not great. Apparently they switched from Meridian to their own audio components. Base and highs are still good but it’s missing the mid range. - ton of storage room. The frunk, where your engine is normally, adds a ton of extra space. Solid cargo space behind the third row. - I really like the tech. Good integration of Spotify, tunein and tidal, which gets you almost anything you’ll want to hear. And FM radio if you don’t have internet for some reason. - ton of room in the front row. Great driver comfort. Just feels good behind the wheel. - AC is super powerful. Car cools down in 30 seconds no matter how hot. It’s insane. Things to consider - not cons but mixed: - a good but not great ride - as with Tesla, almost all controls are in the center touch screen. - yes, it’s electric but it’s also 7,000 lbs - so it’s not so efficient. The bigger battery helps but ultimately it gets fewer miles per kilowatt hour. - service - at least in these early days, has some seriously long waits - like 2 months if it’s not an emergency. - no AM radio for you sports (etc) fans - no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Same as Tesla and now GM. But still may be an issue for some. - middle row not as spacious as I hoped. It’s fine. It works for average adults but if you have a full house of 7 adults then it can be a little cramped. - you have to pay for whichever music service or tunein. It’s par for the course these days but might be annoying to some. - it’s expensive. I mean, if you’re looking at this you know that. But if you’re comparing to a combustion car - Mercedes GL, BMW X7, Audi Q7 and similar sized cars — it’s a step below in comfort and ride quality. It’s way better than most cars. But that’s probably not your comparison so just keep it in mind. Overall it’s been a joy to drive this car. If you want 3 row electric that does most things well and a few things batsh*t crazy, you’ll love it.
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