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    Consumer Reviews for the Lexus UX 200

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    So What’s Not to Like

    Steven Moore, 01/26/2019
    2019 Lexus UX 200
    I traded in a ‘16 RX350 for this ‘19 UX 200. Believe it or not this car is even more refined and immensely more satisfying. I could not believe how extremely quiet and isolated the smaller SUV has become. It absolutely turns on a dime. It is tremendously responsive in every detail from breaking to steering to every input you can conceive. The updated electronics are amazing. The … screens are so much brighter than prior Lexus’s with pinpoint detail and super high resolution. The graphics are lightning quick and now up to date, even futuristic. The car has a low center of gravity and the F sport model gives a firm turn with a Lexus cush. I am 6’2” and headroom is not a question. My bright red F Sort model with roof rails was a mostly loaded model and stickered at $40,393 lacking the head up display and the memory seating as well as the triple beam headlights but included every other option. Fill-ups are $19 for the 12.4 gallon tank and the mileage is true at 32 city. I even get 42 highway when they publish the expected mpg at 39. I get a new car every 20 months or so and I have not loved a car this much in a long time...actually ever. My recent prior autos: 2016 LEXUS RX350 GREAT; 2015 BMW X3 DISLIKED; 2015 MERCEDES GLK HATED; 2015 HONDA CIVIC LOVED; 2014 ACURA TLX DISLIKED;
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