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Consumers Review the GMC Jimmy

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As the first owner of this car & having it on the road for the past 20 years I can tell you, GMC makes a great vehicle! Sure, 7 years ago I was ready to get rid of it cause it was running badly, but I put $500 into replacing the injector lines & it came back to life like new. No one wants to spend money on car repairs but its a fact of life. Other than regular maint. , tires, exhaust, brakes & the injector spider, I've not had to spend BIG MONEY on it. I have never had a problem starting it. I reach in & turn the key & it starts every time. I did lease a Yukon & loved how quiet it was & of course all the bells & whistles but we kept the Jimmy as our "workhorse". The bodys straight, never been hit, and could use a "makeover" but It's a blessing. AND IT'S PAID FOR! Bottom line, if you get a chance to but a GMC, check it out "thoroughly" as the person you get it from may have abused it being the workhorse it was built to be, but even a Clysdale can break a leg! If you get a good one, it will last for years! If you take care of it!
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