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'93 c3500 Cheyenne dually 12' flatbed
Tony T.,01/01/2016
My truck gets about 9~ mpg due to the additional weight of the 12' flatbed. It's very loud even with my 350 5.7l. The transmission is amazing however I cannot speak for the manual as my truck is a 4speed automatic at 188,000mi that loves sailing around 45-55 mph with an innovative 4th gear overdrive you'd think you're driving around in a very loud luxury car; even while towing 4000lbs. Maintenance on these trucks is easy, I just recently replaced my front suspension (upper, lower arm, tie rods, ect.) with 2 people and a bunch of hand tools. Everything under the hood is easily accessed. The only downside is the transmission is very expensive to rebuild due to it being one of the first in the line of new GM auto transmissions with a chip however with good care it will last a long time. I move vending machines with my truck and before I bought it I had to rent vehicles. I would rent a f450 sd gas flatbed which drove like a brick and drank gas like water costing me about $130 in gas for a trip out about 170 miles. Whereas my 93 Cheyenne drove like a dream and cost half as much in gas. These old trucks do not die if you take care of them. I've heard stories of people driving cheyenne trucks pushing 500kmi and I believe it, these trucks are beasts. The ride comfort is excellent after driving 5-10 miles in my grand marquis my back starts to hurt, but in my cheyenne even with a bench seat I can drive 200 miles and be happy. The handling is great after replacing my front suspension and getting a front end alignment you can drive this truck with telepathy if you wanted to.
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