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Consumers Review the Cadillac STS

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2005 STS v8 in 2016; So Much Car for so Little
Christopher Newton,07/24/2016
Ok, so I bought this car a few months ago for a little over $5k. Brand new, eleven years ago mind you, it was somewhere around $68k at the dealership. It is pearl white (my name for it because that's what everyone says it looks like), Northstar V8, with every imaginable option. All of them, each and every one of them, work - despite the age, despite the 130k plus miles. It has a quirk or two here and there, but nothing that hasn't been easily sorted out. Also, apparently the previous owner decided to delete the mufflers and go with straight pipes (cats are still there obviously), and that alone sold me on it when I took the test drive. The SOUND, holy cow! OMGoodness, that noise. At around 3k RPM the V8 comes to life and rolls from a growl to a roar as you accelerate all the way to 6500. It's intoxicating if I'm honest. But mostly, inside and out, the car oozes class and elegance. Nevermind the snobs that say a plastic dash is cheap - frankly it doesn't LOOK cheap and who the heck goes around feeling the dash of a car every day anyway? No one, that's who. Everything is first rate, high-end and maybe ten or eleven years ago, at $67,000 one has a reason to complain about minute things. But today, at $5 grand or so - or even two or three times that if mileage is low enough to justify - it's simply to die for. I couldn't tell you the number of compliments I get on the car - it's several each week - even being more than a decade old, it's still an eye catcher. It's also a joy to drive, although it took some getting accustomed to for sure. I read one review where the owner laughably equated it to driving a truck. This clearly is due to the handling, probably magnetic ride, and the turn-in the car gives as it enters curves and counters G's. At first it feels like rear-end body roll but it's the shocks adjusting to the road and conditions and stopping roll before it starts. It's a unique sensation to the uninitiated. Mine handles terrifically, eating up curvy roads with ease and provides a steady confidence. So, it looks amazing, drives amazing, and the features? Yes, it has a ton of them. The 8 inch LCD screen with navigation is great, I have the 2016 update DVD so it's not old or stale. Turn-by-turn, maps, searches that are a bit cumbersome at times, but once you learn the system it's fine. Also integrated is voice commands which are head-shakingly amazing. Just have to know the command and it works - most of the time lol. There are ones I use regularly that greatly simplify use of the car. Like "windows down", "windows up", or "navigation home". The head-up display is a feature I never knew I'd love so much. At first it was annoying, but as I grew accustomed to it, I will no longer drive a car without it if I don't have to. It's not just that it shows speed, but that it flashes up integrated data as well, most notably navigation turns. The adaptive cruise control is great, but sometimes traffic is just too heavy for it - although that's true of regular speed control also. Forward collision warning is nice for sure - in the event you're glancing away and you come close to another car or object. Automatic high-beam headlamps is nice too, but sometimes it doesn't turn off for an on-coming car. Remote start is really nice but I don't use it often as I'm not that pampered frankly. The automatic lights work well, but mostly I just turn it off and choose to set lights manually. OnStar and XM Radio are nice features I'm enjoying also, in addition to being able to use my phone's streaming media to pipe to the car's system via Bluetooth and the onboard RCA jacks. It's a 2005-era workaround for audio/video but it works. If you're looking to buy one of these cars, do a few things; 1) insist on the navigation center stack, it was part of a big option package and at a glance you'll know the car has other nice options 2) Adaptive cruise has issues here and there, but the head-up display system is first-rate and it's an option I'd insist upon, 3) Insist on the automatic wipers - seriously, it's one of the best features on the car, they rock, 4) If you're looking at an '05 to '09, insist on the Northstar V8, 5) Bottom line, get it with as many options as you can. You'll love the technology! I can't say enough good things about the Cadillac STS. In one word, it's ridiculous.
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