Give credit to Tesla. Despite an influx of new electric vehicles hitting the market, the company's Model 3 is the Edmunds Top Rated EV, a title it's now held for three years in a row. Recent updates, such as wireless smartphone charging, extra range and a new power-operated trunk, have helped keep the Model 3 fresh. But it's the quiet, spacious and comfortable cabin that remains core to this sedan's appeal. This is an impressively easy and comfortable car to drive every day.

"Our three-time EV winner, the Model 3 still ranks above the rest thanks to its comfortable cabin, fun driving dynamics and Tesla's excellent charging infrastructure."

The Model 3 also stands out with its sharp handling and strong performance no matter what trim you choose. Go for the Model 3 Long Range and you'll enjoy one of the longest ranges of any EV Edmunds has tested. In our standardized test, the Long Range made it 345 miles on a full charge.

Further enticement comes from Tesla's Supercharger network, which is the largest system of fast-charging stations around. It greatly enhances the ease of making long trips in the Model 3. Other third-party charging networks are gaining ground, but nobody has quite caught up to Tesla yet.

The same could be said for the electric vehicle competition in general. But for now, the Tesla Model 3 is still the one to beat.