As sports cars grow in size and complexity, purity of purpose and affordability often fade away. That's why we are so impressed with the redesigned Subaru BRZ. It puts enjoyable back-to-basics performance in front of a wide audience, and for that it's the Edmunds Top Rated Sports Car.

"The Subaru BRZ reminds us all that you don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy a great drive. This is the definition of a fun, affordable sports car."

The diminutive BRZ possesses a nimbleness and a balance that's difficult to find in sports cars that cost three times as much. Thanks to a stiffer chassis, newly available high-performance summer tires and many chassis upgrades, the BRZ driver, no matter his or her skill level, will enjoy capability and confidence. Subaru also added a more powerful engine, making the BRZ quicker and easier to drive.

Certainly, there are more powerful and flashier sports cars available. But the BRZ manages to offer the quintessential sports car experience at a starting price under $30,000. Even if you load one up with the optional automatic transmission and the car's new collection of advanced driver aids, you still get out the door for less than $35,000. As a sports car with exceptional capabilities at an accessible price, the Subaru BRZ zips its way into this year's Edmunds Top Rated.