2011 Porsche Cayenne - Edmunds Ratings

2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo (4.8L V8 Twin-turbo 4x4 8-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 10/26/2010
Performance You'd have to search the high-end sports car segment to find a vehicle as fast as this (0-60 = 4.6 sec). Power feels effortless and limitless. The multi-program 8-speed automatic transmission may also be shifted manually.
Driving Dynamics Amazing that SUV should grip this well and be as nimble. Computer-controlled suspension, communicative steering, and enormous tire contact patches all work in perfect harmony. Awe-inspiring brake performance is equally world class.
Ride Comfort One of several computer-controlled, driver-selectable suspension modes offers a remarkably gentle and highly controlled ride regardless of surface -- even off-road.
Quietness Even at full acceleration the Cayenne Turbo is remarkably quiet. Cruising at freeway speeds, it's as quiet as a luxury car.
Ergonomics Reflecting the Panamera sedan's interior, the array of buttons is intimidating, but logical grouping and correct operation of the controls is obvious. Porsche redesigned the nav system and function so it is now up to segment standards.
Visibility Challenging side and rear visibility can be mitigated by reverse camera, parking sonar and lane-departure warning. The high seating position for the driver affords excellent forward visibility. Standard articulating xenon headlamps.
Seat Access & Space While the Cayenne is not as high as other SUVs, its step-in and seat height will be challenging for some. All seats are highly adjustable, supportive and comfortable.
Cargo & Storage At just 60 cu-ft, maximum cargo capacity is below SUV averages, but optional cargo management and roof systems (165-lb max) afford more possibilities. Interior storage is good, not great.
Build Quality Exceedingly well engineered and constructed; few manufacturers are even capable of attaining the build quality of Porsche.
Towing Properly equipped, the Cayenne can tow up to 7,700 pounds, which is more than most people will ever need.
Off-Road Though now tailored for pavement, the Cayenne can still go off-road. Standard equipment includes height-adjustable suspension, on-demand high- and low-range 4WD, locking center differential, and hill-hold/descent control.

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