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2011 MINI Cooper
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2011 MINI Cooper


  • Sharp handling
  • stellar fuel economy
  • excellent all-around performance in S and JCW trims
  • endearing retro styling
  • innovative convertible roof
  • highly customizable.


  • Poor rearward visibility in convertible
  • stiff and noisy ride
  • lacks rear legroom
  • weak base stereo.

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Edmunds' Expert Review

Thanks to British character and German engineering, the 2011 Mini Cooper is a great pick for a small coupe or convertible.

vehicle overview

Motoring fun doesn't have to destroy the planet, nor does eco-friendly driving have to be boring. The 2011 Mini Cooper is proof that you can be entertained by a lively car without drawing criticism from environmentalists. With agile handling, loads of charm and a cool factor that's hard to match, it's no surprise the Mini Cooper has remained so popular for so long.

Under the hood, the fun starts with the lively yet economical base 1.6-liter and moves up to the sporty turbocharged Cooper S and raucous John Cooper Works versions. There's not a whole lot of power here on the spec sheet (the base engine puts out just 121 horsepower, for instance) but the Mini doesn't weigh very much, either. This boosts fuel economy and helps the Cooper feel lively around town. The car's small size makes it a breeze to park, too. Inside, the Cooper is surprisingly spacious for two people, and Mini offers further enticement with a dizzying array of factory options and dealer-installed accessories.

It's not all sunshine and smiles, though. While the suspension is understandably tuned to foster the car's spry handling, there is a trade-off in a rather firm ride quality that might not suit some drivers (we highly recommend sticking with smaller wheels). The Cooper's rear seat has an almost comical lack of legroom, although the Cooper Clubman (reviewed separately) is a remedy.

If these qualities seem like turnoffs, it might be good to check out some alternatives. Hatchbacks like the 2011 Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3, 2011 Volvo C30 and 2011 Volkswagen Golf/GTI are all more practical thanks to their roomier seating and cargo areas. For a drop top, the 2011 BMW 1 Series is more refined and the Volkswagen Eos is more comfortable. That said, none of these cars can match the Cooper's unique blend of personality, performance and frugalness. For a small coupe or convertible, it comes highly recommended.

2011 MINI Cooper configurations

The 2011 Mini Cooper is available in two-door hatchback and convertible body styles. Each is available in three trim levels: Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works (JCW).

The base Cooper comes standard with 15-inch alloy wheels, full power accessories, keyless entry, air-conditioning, cruise control, a height-adjustable driver seat, leatherette (vinyl) upholstery, a tilt-and-telescoping leather-wrapped steering wheel, multicolor ambient lighting and a six-speaker stereo with a CD player, HD radio, satellite radio and an auxiliary audio jack. The Cooper convertible models add 16-inch alloy wheels and a full power convertible top that includes a sunroof feature. The Cooper's Sport package adds 16-inch wheels on the hatchback and 17-inch wheels on the convertible, foglamps, traction control, a rear spoiler, sport seats and hood stripes.

The Cooper S adds 16-inch wheels, a turbocharged engine, firmer suspension tuning, foglamps, sport seats and alloy pedals. The Cooper S Sport package adds 17-inch wheels, xenon headlights, traction control and hood stripes. The John Cooper Works includes a more powerful turbo engine, upgraded Brembo brakes and cloth upholstery. A limited-slip differential and a firmer suspension can be fitted to both the S and the John Cooper Works.

Options are plentiful and arranged in several packages, with most features available à la carte. Major optional features include adaptive xenon headlights, a dual-pane sunroof, automatic climate control, heated front seats, keyless ignition/entry, a 10-speaker Harman Kardon surround-sound audio system, Bluetooth and an iPod interface. Other options include different wheels, parking sensors, cloth or leather upholstery, a navigation system and a multitude of different interior trims and materials. As has been the case since the Cooper's debut, a multitude of dealer-installed features are additionally available.

2011 Highlights

For 2011, the range of Mini Cooper models receives a slight increase in power output, modified steering for reduced torque steer under hard acceleration, minor cosmetic changes inside and out, optional adaptive headlights, reworked radio controls, standard HD and satellite radio, and added sound insulation.

Performance & mpg

The 2011 Mini Cooper comes with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine good for 121 hp and 114 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual with hill-start assist is standard and a six-speed automatic is optional. Mini estimates a manual-equipped hatchback will go from zero to 60 mph in 8.4 seconds (9.7 seconds with the automatic). EPA-estimated fuel economy is 29 mpg city/37 mpg highway and 32 mpg combined with the manual (27/35/31 convertible) and 28/36/31 with the automatic.

The Cooper S has a turbocharged version of the same engine good for 181 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque (192 lb-ft at full throttle thanks to an overboost function). Mini estimates 0-60 mph acceleration in 6.6 seconds for the manual and 6.8 seconds for the automatic. EPA estimated fuel economy is 27/36/30 with the manual and 26/34/29 with the auto.

The John Cooper Works cranks up the turbo boost to produce 208 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed manual is the only available transmission. Mini estimates a 0-60 time of 6.2 seconds for the hatchback and 6.6 for the convertible. Fuel economy is 25/33/28.


All 2011 Mini Coopers come standard with antilock disc brakes, stability control and front-seat side airbags. Side curtain airbags are standard on the hatchback, while the convertible features pop-up rollover bars and larger front side airbags that extend to head height. Traction control is optional. In Edmunds braking, various Mini Cooper S models with 17-inch wheels stopped from 60 mph between 112 and 115 feet -- excellent results.

The Cooper has not been rated using the government's new, more strenuous 2011 crash testing procedure. Its 2010 rating (which isn't comparable to the new methodology) was four stars out of five for frontal and side impacts for both driver and passengers. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the hatchback its best rating of "Good" in the frontal-offset test, and its second-best score of "Average" in the side-impact and roof-crush tests.


No matter which flavor of 2011 Mini Cooper you might be interested in, you can expect thrilling handling and quick responses to driver inputs. On the downside, the Mini's ride is on the stiff side and can be rather loud, as well. Opting for the Cooper S or John Cooper Works models further stiffens the ride, leading us to recommend that mainstream buyers forego the sport suspension and larger wheels.

The base Cooper will likely satisfy most drivers, while the S adds quite a bit of excitement and the JCW turns the fun dial up to 11. The six-speed manual transmission is notable for its precise shifter and compliant clutch. The automatic isn't the smoothest-shifting unit in the world, but in Manual mode it responds quickly to the driver's inputs to the shift paddles on the steering wheel.


Of all the ways to describe the Mini Cooper's interior, we doubt anyone would call it boring. The massive center-mounted speedometer is a nod to the original Mini, but in terms of practicality, it comes off as a bit gimmicky. One of our main gripes of previous Minis was the oddly placed stereo control knobs. Fortunately, that has been rectified for 2011 with a slightly more conventional layout.

Despite the Mini Cooper's small size, the front seats are surprisingly spacious. There is no shortage of headroom or legroom and the cabin feels extraordinarily airy. The rear seats, by comparison, are much less accommodating, with a notable lack of legroom. Trunk space is also restrictive, at a very meager 5.7 cubic feet, but folding the rear seats flat increases cargo capacity to a very usable 24 cubes.

The convertible features a tailgate-style trunk opening with an upper package tray that can be raised to allow larger items to fit in the tiny 6-cubic-foot trunk. Unlike most convertibles, the Mini's rear seats can be folded flat to accommodate larger items, but the rollover hoops and soft-top mechanism prevent the loading of bulkier objects. Rear visibility for the convertible is poor with the top down and even worse with the top up.

Consumer reviews

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Overall Consumer Rating

Most helpful consumer reviews

What a Money Pit - Should Be a Class Action Suit
Dave E,10/03/2016
2011 Mini Cooper S Convertible. 5 years old with only 34,000 miles on it. Garage Queen. Why? IT IS ALWAYS IN THE REPAIR SHOP!!!!!!! $1000.00 for a thermostat replacement. $1,600.00 for a high pressure fuel pump. And the list goes on. So much fun to drive! So expensive to own. There is ALWAYS SOMETHING going wrong with this thing. I can't wait to unload it and get something that doesn't cost me an extra $1,000/month in repair bills. 10/18/2016 Update: A Customer Service Tale: So I sent an email to miniusa and a few DAYS later, my wife gets a voicemail on her cell phone from someone named Andrew W. at MINIUSA. She provides me the number: 866-275-6464. I call it. I work my way through their tortuous automated system, that has a hard time understanding what you are saying when it prompts you to say what you need from their list of the menu items. I leave a message at Andrews extension, 7992. He doesn't call back. I call again today. I get a kind woman who updates my phone information, then sends me along to Andrew W's extension 7992. Andrew W's voicemail says he is not in (again) and says to leave a message, then tells you his voicemail is full. But..., if you want to speak to a Customer Service Representative, you can dial "0". So, I press 0 and it tells me that Customer Service is not available (It is 10:30 on a Tuesday morning) AND that their voice mail is full also. So, I call back again and this time I ask directly for Customer Service Representative. I tell her what just happened and she tells me that she sees on her screen that Andrew just wants to tell me that he can't do anything for me because I had repairs done at a non-mini dealership. Why did I do that? Because my 2011 mini at 34,000 miles is out of warranty anyway and the dealership wanted TWO TIMES the price that the aftermarket auto wanted to do the exact same thermostat repair. The High Pressure Fuel Pump replacement that the dealership wanted $2,200.00 to replace, was also done at the aftermarket repair shop for $1,200.00. I do not know who is in charge of MINIUSA, but my friend, if you are reading this..., you have some serious repairs to make of your own..., with your organization. You may be experiencing records sales and having the best year ever. I do not know. But when customer service has no semblance of service to it whatsoever, and even your automated system to handle consumer problems is so ineffective that there is no operator available and everyone's voicemail is "full", it will all catch up with MINIUSA sooner or later. It may take a few years but this kind of terrible reliability problems, terrible customer service problems, outrageous repair costs, and complete lack of attention to detail and even to the customer will catch up with you eventually. And what about BMW? I am sure they would be embarrassed and humiliated to read how their American operations are being handled. So, hello BMW. Why don't you have some of your Executive officers, board members, and senior staff pretend to have a customer situation and try calling through the automated system under a pseudo name and suffer through the same experience your customers experience every single day. I am so disappointed. I loved driving my Mini Cooper S Convertible for some time. But these recent experiences have completely soured me on the whole Mini experience. I have had nearly a dozen people ask me how I like my Mini over the past 3 months, and I tell them all the same thing: "A blast to drive when it is working... a nightmare to have repaired... a money pit... zero customer service... and do yourself a favor and never ever buy one. 10/19/17 update. After all of this, and the suggestion that some well-heeled law firm ought to file a class action law suit on behalf of Mini Copper owners for the absolute scalding we take on prices for repairs/parts of known and frequent defects in the Mini, they send me a letter telling me to send in the repair bills and they will consider some form of re-imbursement for some of the repairs. I do as requested by going to my aftermarket repair shop and getting every single electronic file they have on the repairs, why they were required, and how much parts and labor cost. Fortunately, European Auto Garage in Knoxville, besides always doing excellent repairs with no drama, also keeps meticulous records electronically. I explain to the front desk what I need and why I need it and she happily gathers all the files, diagnostic machine reports and much more, all of which their records system keeps track of. Excellent! She sends the information for me directly to Mini at the designated Mini USA email. I few weeks later, I get a check from Mini for the repair reimbursement sans routine maintenance. Fair enough. I really didn't think they would do anything about it but they covered the whole cost of the repairs to the defective parts.
Chose this over a Miata
I spent a world of time comparing the Cooper to the Mazda Miata. They're both great cars, fun to drive and easy to buy and own. I think I would be happy with either car but the Mini has the "cute factor" over the Miata. 9,000,000 Miata owners can't be wrong but it also makes it somewhat ordinary. The Cooper "S" is incredibly fun to drive, especially in a mountain state like Colorado.
Life is Good
Bought Cadbury (Hot Chocolate exterior with Polar Beige interior) less than a month ago and loving every top down minute! No regrets on selling our 2008 Miata. Averaging 31 mpg.
My Mini Jazz
Deb King,01/20/2016
I purchased my Mini in February of 2015. I had driven several Mini's before I purchased this model. I actually found her on the internet, called the dealership, put down a deposit and pickup her that weekend. The dealership was not a local dealer. I purchased the Mini with under 50,000 miles on her. I started having problems around 60,000 miles. I took her to a local BMW repair shop due to a lack of acceleration. I was told that she needed an walnut blasting due to carbon build up on the engine intake. They also replaced plugs and wires....$700.00. Later, I had a brake (dash) light come on. I took her back to the repair shop. I was told she need brake pads, new sensors and rotors.....$900.00. I did not purchase an extended warrant so this was an out of pocket expense. I was told by the mechanic that everything should be good for awhile. Needless to say, I was very disappointed in Mini...... Well, I now have almost 70,000 miles on her, with no recent problems. I still must say.....I still love my Mini JAZZ. She is my midlife crisis...LOL......Deb
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Features & Specs

27 city / 35 hwy
Seats 4
6-speed manual
181 hp @ 5500 rpm
28 city / 35 hwy
Seats 4
6-speed manual
121 hp @ 6000 rpm
25 city / 33 hwy
Seats 4
6-speed manual
208 hp @ 6000 rpm
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NHTSA Overall Rating

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration offers independent analysis.
  • Frontal Barrier Crash Rating
    OverallNot Rated
    DriverNot Rated
    PassengerNot Rated
  • Side Crash Rating
    OverallNot Rated
  • Side Barrier Rating
    OverallNot Rated
    DriverNot Rated
    PassengerNot Rated
  • Combined Side Barrier & Pole Ratings
    Front SeatNot Rated
    Back SeatNot Rated
  • Rollover
    Rollover5 / 5
    Dynamic Test ResultNo Tip
    Risk Of Rollover10.1%

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Used 2011 MINI Cooper Convertible Overview

The Used 2011 MINI Cooper Convertible is offered in the following styles: S 2dr Convertible (1.6L 4cyl Turbo 6M), 2dr Convertible (1.6L 4cyl 6M), and John Cooper Works 2dr Convertible (1.6L 4cyl Turbo 6M).

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