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If ever you find a MazdaSpeed for sale...BUY IT
Grand Touring 2dr Roadster (1.8 4cyl Turbo 6M)
First off, I should mention that this car was purchased on a whim. I had never owned a Mazda, nor a convertible. One day I got the urge to start looking for deals on convertible Miatas. I soon learned that not all Miatas are the same. I was looking all over the internet trying to find a good deal. Fortunately I found someone selling one 05 MazdaSpeed about 1200 miles away. I did my usual research just as I would prior to any purchase and was quite intrigued with the MazdaSpeed and the limited availability due to the factory being destroyed. So I took advantage of the bargain and took the chance in buying the car without seeing it first hand. I know!!!! It was a risky move. Yet, a smart/lucky move. From the first day I took receipt of it (delivered via a car carrier truck)... I parked it at my home, went inside to get some things. I came back out and found a note under the drivers wiper blade. The note read, "I am very interested in purchasing your car. Please call....... I made the call and replied with and "Thanks... but, no thanks". I have owned the car for less than 6 weeks and have been approached two other times as well. If I ever decide on selling my MazdaSpeed, I'm positive I will easily double my investment. Now I have decided to upgrade the braking system with performance rotors, drilled and grooved, and upgrading the calipers as well. You may not win any drag races with this car, but neither will an F16 Fighter jet. Its all about being very nimble.. But neither were made to just go super fast,straight. The F16 pulls 9 gs in a turn, it feels like that when you choose to accelerate around a hairpin turn in the MazadaSpeed. This MazdaSpeed truly turns like its on rails....seriously. I have recently put top of the line Cooper performance tires on it too. As and current owner of a Porsche 928s, I have decided to sell of the 9mpg beast and keep this lil MazadaSpeed for ever. the a/c could be a little stronger, the shift pattern could be a little tighter, and women could be a little easier to understand. But hey.... nothing is ever perfect. If you can find it! The Mazda...not the woman...that would be illegal in this state. Who Dat! Into my seventh month of owning my MAZDASPEED and I am still elated with my little roadster. I was recently stopped by the local police for speeding, ( I truly was). The officer said I was traveling 15 MPH over the posted limit. I gave him my true reason for my excessive speed. He walked around my car, walked back to his cruise, then returned back to what I thought was issue me a costly speeding ticket. To my surprise.. he hands me his cell phone to show me his Miata! We talked cars for a while, and he also wanted to look under the hood. He thanked me for showing him my car as I was trying to hold back my shock of apparently NOT being issued a speeding violation. So... I love the car even more now!
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