2011 Lexus IS F - Edmunds Ratings

2011 Lexus IS F Base (5.0L V8 8-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 8/30/2011
Performance Strong acceleration from the 5.0-liter direct-injected V8. Sounds excellent going about its business, too. Expects smart shifts from the eight-speed transmission, which has a sport mode and very functional shift paddles.
Driving Dynamics Changes made to the suspension for 2011 have improved steering effort and stabilized the chassis. It feels fully sorted now. We're mildly less excited about the change from Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 to Bridgestone RE 050a tires.
Ride Comfort Much less harsh and brittle than last year. The 2011 suspension revisions make the 2011 Lexus LFA a much more liveable car for day-to-day driving.
Quietness We're glad the engine isn't muted and relegated to the background, because it's a signature element that needs to be heard -- it gets even better above 3,500 rpm or so. Road and wind noise aren't a problem.
Ergonomics Most of the controls are easy to find and use in this cockpit, and the driving position is good. Our tallest staffers wished the telescopic steering wheel pulled out even farther, though.
Visibility Not a problem to the front and sides, but the IS's distinct wedge shape does impinge on rear visibility a bit.
Seat Access & Space Front-seat room is OK on the face of it, but taller drivers wish it adjusted lower for a better view out the windshield. The driver seat is narrow, but holds securely. Backseat isn't terribly spacious with 4 tallish adults aboard.
Cargo & Storage At 13.3 cubic feet, the ISF's trunk is about average. Interior storage is surprisingly usable due to clever design even though the raw amount of space isn't abundant.
Build Quality Everything looks and feels well put together on the inside. It seems built to last, too.

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