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2017 Infiniti QX50

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As a pioneer in the field of compact luxury crossovers, the Infiniti QX50 brought a pleasing sense of style to go along with desirable SUV characteristics. That was in 2008, when the SUV was known as the EX35, and it led the way in a new segment. Other manufacturers followed with similar models, and the race for dominance in the field was on.

Then, and now, Infiniti's five-seater stands a little taller than a car and has all-wheel drive. But unlike more typical truck-based SUVs, it is easier to maneuver in parking lots and handles more nimbly on the road. Pressing hard on the accelerator, you'll note the V6 engine's avid response: The overall performance is more like that of a performance sedan. The cargo area never overwhelmed anyone with its vastness, but at its arrival in the market, this shortcoming wasn't necessarily a deterrent. The SUV's stylishness offered its own compensation. Another selling point at introduction: The whole package came at a pretty attractive price.

Since then, Infiniti has updated the QX50, but for better or worse it is still very much like the original 2008 EX35. That's especially true in the cabin, where improvements have been slow to come. The 2017 QX50 still has Infiniti's older infotainment interface, for example.

On the upside, the QX50 retains its sharp driving experience, with a standard V6 engine that pumps out much more power than anything in its price range. Though that V6 might be powerful, it's also far thirstier than the turbocharged four-cylinder engines in rival crossovers. Fuel economy was never the QX50's strong suit, and that's still the case: The 2017 QX50 returns an EPA-rated 20 mpg combined (17 city/ 24 highway).

For some shoppers, the QX50's single trim level may simplify decision-making. The vehicle comes with a wide array of standard features and multiple option packages are available. But note that these have to be ordered atop each other, and this all-or-nothing approach may mean that you'll wind up paying for things you don't want.

In our opinion, it's probably best to focus on the 2017 Infiniti QX50's rivals, including the well-rounded BMW X1, the value-rich and spacious Acura RDX, and the well-made, distinctive Lexus NX 200t. They deliver a better mix of size, price and performance than this aging, once trendsetting Infiniti.

If you think the 2017 Infiniti QX50 is the compact luxury crossover for you, Edmunds can help you find the perfect one.