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2014 Infiniti Q50 Review

  • This 2014 Infiniti Q50 includes information about the 3.7 and Hybrid models, along with the sportier S version of each. We provide information about fuel economy, features, interior space and what it's like to drive.

    Like the G37 that came before it, a base Q50 still gives you more standard equipment and power for your money than its similarly priced German rivals. The Q50 also looks fantastic inside and out, and the cabin is far more luxurious than the G37's. Quality's right up there with the Germans, too, and so is space, both in the backseat and the trunk.

    Infiniti's electronics interface is even better. Those competitors give you a display screen, a few buttons and a knob. So does Infiniti, but it also gives you a second screen, both importantly are touch activated, and the one here features a customizable home screen just like a smartphone.

    So, from a value and usability perspective, the Q50 absolutely delivers. But, sport sedan buyers are going to be disappointed, regardless of the model they get. And not from a performance perspective, because the standard V6 absolutely hauls and this Hybrid model is actually quicker, despite being capable of 31 mpg combined.

    No, the main reason: ride and handling. The standard run flat tires makes things rough over bumps and sloppy through corners — and that applies whether you get the all-season or summer tires.

    Then there's the steering. There are two available systems. The base one, it's perfectly OK. The upgrade Direct Adaptive Steering that's optional on the Q50 3.7 and standard on this otherwise sporty Hybrid is essentially drive-by-wire with no mechanical connection between your hands and the wheels. Everything you feel is totally artificial.

    Around town, it's a convincing replica, but if you try to drive quickly on a twisting road, the steering and the stability control basically make you feel like the car is doing its own thing. In other words, it's not fun.

    And for a lot of buyers, that's OK, the Q50 is a great-looking luxury bargain. But if you're buying this to be a sport sedan like the G37, don't count on it.

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