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Unprofessional and Shady Management

by Jmtk2014 on 02/01/2018

We were looking for a cheap car to drive back and forth to Hot Springs everyday and the salesman, Cooper, was awesome and he showed me a car that was a really great deal they got on trade. We got back to the dealership to write up paperwork on a CASH deal, but the sales manager, who had personally given the salesman the ok to sell me the car, decided that he would rather sale to a wholesale dealer for $300 more than the original price while we were on the test drive. He stated that if we wanted the car we would have to pay $300 more. We turned it down at first, but then decided that we would do it anyway. So we called back later the SAME day and we're told that the sales manager said the car was still available but the GM said that it was sold. Ok no big deal....I went there the next morning to make sure the car was still sold. I got a call from the salesman about an hour or so later saying the other deal fell through and the car was mine. 10 MINTUES later the sales manager calls and says the car is definitely sold and then tries to BLAME the whole thing on the salesman like the manager has NO IDEA what was going on! Are you serious?! Thanks but no thanks!! I know car dealerships are notorious for being shady and screwing people around to make more money but we are talking about less than $10,000 for a wholesale car. The manager had the nerve to tell me that if we would've taken the deal at the time we test drove the car, then we wouldn't have to be dealing with this. WRONG! I do know that I will NEVER do any business with Orr Honda or ANY Orr dealership EVER AGAIN!!!

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Stay away..stay far away

by Wisersince8_5 on 08/12/2016

This dealership told me my trade in had a salvage title and that it was done by my insurance company. I called my insurance company, they checked and advised me that they would have to call their claims department. The manager said the most he could give me was 1100.00 and he was doing that because he wanted to treat me right. He explained to me that he was only going to offer that while I was still on the lot and he showed me a report that said my car had a salvage title. I know it was stupid but I bought the car because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get anything for my car. The finance manager had me sign all this paperwork and I ask how long it would take for them to have my paperwork done. My salesperson told me I wouldn't get them today, they would be mailed to me in about 10 days. I questioned that and I was told they did business. I realized the paperwork was blank. I called the dealership after I got the paperwork and told them that the paperwork said to not sign it if it was blank. I hadn't bought a new car in 10 years, so I thought things had changed. But when the finance manager told me that he never had anyone sign blank paperwork, I told him I knew what I signed and he hung up on me. I would never expect anyone to believe me but one of the girls in the insurance company's office sad the same thing happened to her husband. Same dealership same problems. I called the department of finance in my state, they assured me my car had good title. I ran a Carfax which also showed I had a good title. I called the sales manager who said it didn't matter now. He gave me a good deal and I should be happy. Then he hung up on me. Apparently they do that a lot I guess. Anyway now I have a new car and feel like I just got the shaft! I am an older woman and feel like a fool, but after talking to other people, looks like it's business as usual. Please beware.

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