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  • 20777 Katy Fwy
  • Katy, TX 77450 (map)
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Written by rodslinger on 01/31/10 12:00:00 AM PST Go back to Service reviews
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Lets start from the beginning - and this is all the truth: I purchase my '05 from them new. First thing the sales guy does is tell me that the tranny is covered under the 100K mile warranty. I didn't think to question that, heck it makes it go so I believe him. Only to find out that was a lie to sell me the rig. He also tell me that if anything goes wrong with the rig they'll give me a loaner vehicle, at no charge, while they repair mine. Once again a LIE to sell me the rig. So after the usual 6.0 head gasket issues I had taken it to another dealer because I was torqued that Champion Ford of Katy who LIED to me when they sold me the rig. Well the other day my oil cooler goes out and all my oil ends up in my coolant. Champion Ford of Katy is closest, so I have it towed to them - oh after the "Service Advisor" David tells me I can just drive it on in. To hell with that, I had it towed in on a flat bed. I call a week later and they had JUST gotten to it and told me my batteries were dead. My NEW batteries. Great. A few days later David calls me to tell me they'll have to charge me an extra $500 because of after market equipment - I have a Volant Intake, Fuel Optimizer, my train horns wires, Pyro and tranny gauge wire, and alarm wire. He said they had to remove all the wires for those things because they were going through my firewall. I thought that was high but figured screw it, they have to pull the cab. A few weeks later I FINALLY get my rig back. I paid the extra money and drive away. I go hunting and get 5 hours from my house and my turbo goes out. I pull over at a gas station, screw with the lines, get it working and limp it home. I call David and ask him about all this, PLUS the $434 extra charge. He tells me they never had to remove my cab???? Then why mess with my lines going through my firewall? He said he'd get back with me.....two days later, he hadn't. SO I called BACK. He then explains that they had to remove my Volant Intake - 10X easier to take off than a stock intake and ANYONE who has one knows that. My fuel kit??? A flexible line is MUCH easier to unscrew than the OEM - OH and they had to "WORK OVER MY BRUSH GUARD" - yeah that's a quote. Guess if you buy from Champion Ford in Katy you must remove your brush guard before you take it in or you get charged EXTRA. So YESTERDAY I fixed my own lines for my turbo. The mechanic had my turbo lines half azzed on there, they fell off and one was broken, so I had to redo them. Working fine now. But I paid extra for that lovely service. All that being said I spoke with David and he didn't give a crap one way or the other. SO if you want TRUE facts - there you have them. I hope that $434 is worth all the sales I'm going to go out of my way to cause them for the lies and crappy service. It's sad when a dealership has to LIE to sell vehicles and then the "service advisor" is making crap up to charge me EXTRA for, when the bottom of my oil cooler ERODED out causing the failure - nothing else. I'll continue to post examples of their crappy service and see if I can't cost them more than they screwed me out of.....what's a Powerstroke cost? More than my $434.

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Experiences like this help out the consumer in the longrun by keeping them away from stealerships such as this one. Thank you Rodslinger for posting this review up and letting us all know what kind of people run Champion Ford of Katy, TX.

  • By drnix
  • on 12/06/2010
  • 06:05:52 AM PST
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