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The 2016 Cadillac ELR improves on its predecessor, the 2014 ELR (there was no 2015 model), with a significant cut in the base MSRP, a nice jump in torque and horsepower, sportier suspension settings, upgraded brakes, a standard suite of driver assistance technologies, a slightly tweaked grille and badge design, wireless battery pack charging capability and an optional Performance Pack.

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  • Bold, contemporary styling
  • luxurious interior accommodates drivers of all sizes
  • low monthly fuel cost if you plug-in regularly
  • sporty power and handling for a plug-in hybrid.


  • Still has a lofty base price
  • noisy gasoline engine
  • claustrophobic backseat
  • tiny trunk with narrow access
  • touchscreen can be slow to respond
  • continued use of the original Chevrolet Volt powertrain.

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Consumer Rating

The perfect electric personal luxury coupe v.2
Having leased a 2014 Cadillac ELR (and 2011 Chevy Volt before it), the bar was already set very high. Contrary to the comments of many online detractors, the ELR is -not- simply a dressed up Volt. As any EV advocate should tell you, the fact that the Volt and ELR have the same powertrain configuration does not mean they are the same car. That would be like arguing that any internal combustion engine vehicle (ICEV) is the same as any other because they both have similar engines and transmissions. In an EV, what is a battery but the EV analog to an ICEV gas tank? No one would argue two cars are the same because they have the same gas tank. And the electric motor (be it in a Tesla, Leaf or Volt) is very similar in design from the original EV1 days, so it is more of a one size fits all part far more than the engine and transmission which need to be properly mated to the vehicle application. Lastly, the ICE in the Volt and ELR are designed primarily to provide electricity rather than mechanical energy (although it does that too in limited circumstances). What differentiates the Volt and ELR, then is the software and performance tuning (and the fact that the electric motor is more robust to handle the extra hp and torque). The Volt and ELR provide vastly different driving experiences. Other than the fact that both are silent, you would never confuse driving one for the other. I had previously said that the 2014 ELR was the perfect electric personal luxury coupe. It may not be as fast as a Model S, but it had plenty of torque. Also, whereas the Model S is beautiful, practical, spacious sedan, the beauty of the ELR is that it is the opposite: it is designed to be a personal car first and foremost, not a family car. It is not practical, nor is it intended to be. The 2014 ELR was -exactly- what I wanted: a personal car that can transport my family in a pinch. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful expressions of automotive design in history, both inside and out. I thought I could not be happier with the 2014 ELR... ... until I drove the 2016 ELR. Cadillac increased its performance, refined its handling, upgraded its CUE infotainment system with faster processing, more features, and enhanced the interface, and lowered the price. I had to have it, so I managed to transfer my 2014 ELR lease, and leased a new one. After having an ELR for 2 years, I still enjoy simply looking at it. The new '16 ELR is the perfect expression of Cadillac's Art & Science design theme, and is an absolute joy to drive. I cannot praise it enough.
You Should Road Test a 2016
There are great deals available. The ELR is discontinued and will certainly become a collectors item. As battery technology improves, it is conceivable ELR battery replacement will become available. This is a car to keep... My 2016 Sport is fast, comfortable, provides great MPGe and is an overall thrill to drive all the time. Cadillac has no idea about marketing and have made a huge mistake by ending its life. I took it to a Cadillac event in NJ recently and everyone was incredibly impressed. Every new Caddy should have a plug-in option and offer technology upgrades as they become available, similar to Tesla. Also, the idiot auto bloggers and journalists haven't a clue when it comes to what people want. It is not always about 0-100. There is not 1 test on a 2016 ELR I can find.
Dr Tasso Pappas recommends 1 a day 4 work and play
In over 30000 miles I have fallen in love with this auto. These are the most comfortable front seats I have ever seen!,,, The headrests are the best in my 20 years of many new and used cars. I commute 1000 a week and with using my level 2 charger overnight I average 54 miles per gallon. The stereo sounds amazing. The CUE system beats that of my Buick and my Yukon. The ElR. Is an impressive vehicle. The seats are simply the best in comfort of any vehicle I have owned. Although the lack lateral support, the comfort is a 10. The ride is a good balance between sport and cruising. No issues besides a need to replace the intellibeam sensor. We also own a BMW i3 and GM's quality and implementation of hybrid technology is dramatically better. Great vehicle.