Wagoner Removed from GM; Edmunds.com Comments

Wagoner Removed from GM; Edmunds.com Comments


Wagoner Removed from GM; Edmunds.com Comments

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — March 30, 2009 — Rick Wagoner is stepping down from his position as CEO of General Motors. "In the end, this is less of an indictment of Rick's tenure as CEO and more about the political need for a scapegoat before unpopular loans could be offered, commented Edmunds.com CEO Jeremy Anwyl. "GM is certainly a company in distress, but under Ricks' leadership had been making solid progress. With the economy unraveling last year, Rick simply ran out of time."

In recent months, Wagoner had insisted that he was not leaving his job.

"Numerous people from various quarters called for the resignation of Wagoner, who led GM for the past eight years when it racked up billions in losses," reported Michelle Krebs, Editor of Edmunds' AutoObserver.com. "But he was committed to GM's success, and was frustrated that GM's progress in product, technology and the competitiveness of its workforce had not been fully appreciated."

The government has promised to guarantee warranties for Chrysler and General Motors as part of the assistance package.

"No one can blame car buyers who shied away from brands that were mentioned in the same breath as the word 'bankruptcy,'" stated Edmunds.com Consumer Advice Editor Philip Reed. "Now that their warranties are being guaranteed, Chrysler and GM vehicles are good deals which are definitely worth considering."

What does Wagoner's departure from GM mean for product development?

"Wagoner — as have many in Detroit — finally recognized that the auto industry needed to begin responding to growing demand for cleaner, greener vehicles if it was to remain competitive," observed John O'Dell, Editor of Edmunds' GreenCarAdvisor.com. "Looking ahead, the green agenda is going to continue to be pushed, and pushed hard, whoever is running the show, in part because Washington wants it."

Edmunds.com advocates for a consistent energy policy that maintains gas prices at a level that motivates car-buyers to strongly consider fuel efficient vehicles. This will allow automakers to focus on developing the vehicles in significant volumes with a reasonable expectation of selling them. Edmunds.com data shows a strong correlation between gas prices and consumer prioritization of fuel efficiency in their vehicle choices.

Edmunds.com spokespeople are available for interviews in Edmunds.com's television studio in its Santa Monica, Calif. headquarters and in its Detroit-area satellite office.

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