New Smartphone App Keeps Drivers From Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel, Reports Edmunds'

New Smartphone App Keeps Drivers From Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel, Reports Edmunds'

New Smartphone App Keeps Drivers From Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel, Reports Edmunds'

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — June 24, 2011 — A new iPhone and iPad app could be well worth the $20 download to keep you awake — and alive — behind the wheel, reports Edmunds', the premier web site for automotive enthusiasts.

The Anti Sleep Pilot (ASP) app was developed in collaboration with sleep scientists and uses a patented algorithm to track real-time fatigue level based on 26 parameters such as driving duration, time of day and reaction times. The app then uses a pre-submitted personal-risk profile — which asks you a series of questions about your age, sex, BMI and the hours per week you work and sleep at night — to recommend preventive breaks and administers alertness tests before fatigue puts you into a dangerous situation.

"This can be a very useful app to keep you safe on the road," says Doug Newcomb, technology editor at "But users of this app also want to make sure that they don't pay so much attention to the ASP's alertness tasks that they become distracted and put themselves even more at risk."

Anti Sleep Pilot is just the latest app reviewed in Edmunds''s running "Automotive App of the Week" series. Other recently featured smartphone apps include:

  • Rest Area - When nature calls and won't take no for an answer, Rest Area points out the public pit stops nearby. The app provides details on services available at the rest area using the familiar blue-square icons for restrooms, food, handicap access, etc.
  • Avego Driver - Billed as the first on-demand real-time ride-sharing application for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, users can use their devices to hitch a ride instead of sticking out their thumbs. After a driver inputs his or her route, potential passengers request a ride, specifying their location. Avego then calculates how much the rider should be charged to compensate the driver. Participants provide a phone number and a credit card to manage the exchange of fund.
  • Driver Feedback - State Farm's free app scores the users safe-driving skills by keeping tabs on three telltale bad-driving behaviors — hard braking, lead-footing the accelerator and aggressive cornering — using the iPhone's accelerometer and GPS receiver.
  • Garage Buddy — This app is targeted at the most passionate car enthusiasts and gearheads by supplying the type of info needed when making modifications to an automobile. It includes calculators for tire and belt size, carb flow and gearing, and charts for drill-bit and tap-drill size and wire and metal gauge. While similar information is available online, Garage Buddy puts it at your fingertips for when you're in the middle of wrenching on your ride or making that inevitable trip to the parts store

For detailed reviews of these and other car-related apps, please visit the Straightline Blog on Edmunds''s technology page tests apps head-to-head and also highlights other automotive technologies like sound systems, Bluetooth, camera additions, and futuristic auto features.

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