Edmunds.com Tool Provides Half Million Vehicle Comparisons for Visitors to Toyota.com

Edmunds.com Tool Provides Half Million Vehicle Comparisons for Visitors to Toyota.com


Edmunds.com Tool Provides Half Million Vehicle Comparisons for Visitors to Toyota.com

Santa Monica, CA - July 25, 2002 - An easy-to-use vehicle comparison tool built by Edmunds.com, the Web's leading resource for unbiased automotive information, has been used 500,000 times by visitors to Toyota.com since its launch in April 2002.

"We recognize that car shoppers place tremendous value on the information available at third-party Web sites like Edmunds.com," stated Steve Sturm, Vice President of Marketing for Toyota Motor Sales. "We offer Edmunds.com's unbiased data on our site, branded as such, so consumers can conduct their research on Toyota.com with the same level of trust and confidence they have when they visit Edmunds.com itself."

The comparison tool is accessible just one screen away from the Toyota home page. Once a site visitor selects a Toyota vehicle and clicks "Compare," he or she is invited to select up to four vehicles against which they can measure the Toyota. All 2002 or 2003 model year vehicles — including other Toyotas — are available for comparison, and up to eight typically cross-shopped models are conveniently suggested.

After making their selections, consumers are presented with basic cost and warranty comparisons. Moving through the tool, they can examine a series of simple charts that set out ratings, features, performance and specifications of each vehicle. A column in the chart features a Toyota logo whenever the originally selected Toyota has a clear advantage over the other selected vehicles.

"By offering the Edmund's comparison tool on their Web site, Toyota clearly understands the power of online information," said Jeremy Anwyl, President of Edmunds.com. "Additionally, it signals a strong confidence in Toyota products."

The comparison tool is powered by Edmunds.com's database, the most accurate, comprehensive and flexible in the automotive industry.

About Edmunds
Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Edmunds.com is the Internet's pioneer and leader in providing free, third party automotive information, tools and services for consumers. Edmunds.com empowers, educates, and engages visitors by providing them with straightforward information on all aspects of buying, selling, and owning a vehicle. Edmunds.com True Market Value® products inform the general public of the actual transaction prices of cars and trucks while Edmunds' PowershopperSM offers car shoppers the opportunity to research and pursue online and offline purchase options in an informative, consumer-friendly environment. Visitors are also provided extensive automobile reviews, current incentives and rebates, consumer advice, safety information, auto show highlights and the Town Hall automotive community. Many of these resources are powered by Edmunds Data Services, which provides a comprehensive automotive data set to the Edmunds.com Web site and licenses its data, content and tools to third parties. Edmunds.com was named "best car research" site by Forbes ASAP, is viewed by consumers as the "most useful Web site," according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2001 New Autoshopper.com StudySM*, was ranked number one in the Survey of Car-Shopping Web Sites as reported by The Wall Street Journal, and was named as one of Yahoo! Internet Life's 50 Most Incredibly Useful Sites and one of Money's 50 Most Useful Financial Web sites.

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